Template Challenge - Springtime Clusters (due 3/2)

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Template Challenge - Springtime Clusters (due 3/2)

I've heard a couple of people speak about how they have trouble with making clusters; this is an important skill for a designer to see how your kit creations are working together, so we're going to do a little practice in a cluster challenge!

I'd like you to make 5-6 clusters with springtime-related themes. This could simply be florals, or they could involve Easter baskets, bunnies, chicks, eggs, etc., or umbrellas and rainclouds to pick up those April showers, or you could opt for another holiday that happens in spring like St Patrick's Day or Fat Tuesday. Your clusters should be a relatively cohesive set, though. Once you've got yours completed, please post a preview; you may optionally link a download if you want to share them, but you can also keep them to sell if you wish.

Not a Designer? While this IS listed as a template challenge, I invite non-designers to pick a kit that they own and make clusters with that kit for your own personal use. You can post a preview of your finished clusters if you do this, but don't share them with anyone else so you don't get in trouble with copyrights! I also recommend telling us which kit you used if you take this route.

I love clusters. And I am so anxious for springtime!

I'm going to try my hand at this one. I can certainly use the practice! smiley

Sounds great, Jessica! I look forward to seeing them!

I made the clusters using mostly my Into the Woods bundle. They will be available on my blog and pixelscrapper March 3rd. Hopefully they will be useful to someone!

Edit: I just realized you listed this as a template challenge. I can make templates from these as well so I'll have those ready for the 3rd. smiley

Wow, Jessica, these are adorable!! Great job!

Thank you Holly! Now I know what kind of work goes into making clusters and cluster templates! Ive done minimal clustering so this was my first real set of clusters. Thanks for the challenge it was fun and eye opening!

And here is a preview of the templates. Phew! smiley

Edit: Available March 2nd on my Antebellum Press blog or under the Into the Woods Bundle here on Pixel Scrapper.

these are beautiful Jessica

Thank you Lisa! They will both be free on my blog March 3rd smiley

Available on the Rush Ranch Blog, in March:

also so beautiful Sunny, I am going to give this challenge a try...I too have always hated trying to make clusters, but I think I'll give it a go...big hugs and everyone have a safe & blessed day...

Those are so sweet Sunny! You always have a special touch when it comes to clusters! smiley them!
Look forward to seeing yours Lisa! I know I have never been good at clusters myself! I just needed some inspiration and I seemed to run with it...it will probably not ever strike again for me tho lol! But we will see! smiley

Jessica and Sunny, I LOVE THOSE CLUSTERS! SO cute, Jessica!
And so beautiful, Sunny!

I love Jessica's clusters because she makes such cute animals and useful frames for photos. I would love to make animals to use in my clusters, but it is a rare occasion that I make them. And hers are true templates, as well - versatile in a hundred different ways. Some people are just so talented!

Sunny, what I love about her cluster templates is that you could substitute any themed element into them in place of the animals and still have a great-looking cluster as long as you place the themed element correctly. I could easily see the cluster with the bear as a winter cluster if you put a snowman where the bear is and used a bare tree... or summer if you chose a kid with an inner tube instead of the bear.

I'm behind on mine--weeks of little sleep will put me behind on everything, but I'm hoping to have them done before the 2nd. smiley

Aww thank you Sunny & I think you are wonderfully talented too! Your designs always have that vintage touch that I love. Seriously I've always admired your clusters! And for the templates I just filled the elements with color or tweaked them a tad to make them templates. I don't think I would have gotten them done if I hadn't made the cluster itself first. smiley And dont feel bad I dont make too many animals myself. I think to date I've done 5 since Ive been designing...which has been many years. I think Marisa is the animal guru! smiley

These are lovely!

Love, love ...just love these clusters! Thank you Sunny!

Jessica and Sunny those are so pretty! I've never tried making clusters before.