Upcoming CU Blog Trains

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Upcoming CU Blog Trains

I know I like to have a bit of advance notice on upcoming projects, so here's the list of future CU blog train themes. Let me know if you have ideas for future themes.

A sign up thread with links to contributions will be posted at the beginning of the month

January 2019 - Winter
February 2019 - Spring
March 2019 - Animals
April 2019 - Patterns
May 2019 - Summer
June 2019 - Word
July 2019 - Water
August 2019 - School
September 2019 - Something Spooky
October 2019 - Autumnal
November 2019 - Holiday Cheer
December 2019 - Calendar

Our commercial-use blog train uses a standardized palette for consistency. The image with hex codes is available HERE and those of you who use Photoshop or PSE can download an ACO file HERE.

Please use this logo on your preview.

For each month's train, you will create 1-3 items; these must be released with a commercial use license. They need to be completed and posted on your blog on the 15th, or the download can be linked in the list thread posted each month if you don't have a blog. In either case, they should be available for a minimum of two weeks.

Thanks for posting this Marisa!

Thank you!

Marisa, when I try to unzip the aco download, I get an "unspecified error"

I just tested it Tammy...it worked fine for me. I use 7-zip to unzip.

Hmm.. ok. I'm using the windows zip. I'll try 7-zip. Thank you so much!

Thank you, Marisa!

Hey Y'all! New-ish here. Well, been with PS for years, but never contributed to a hop, until now. Are we waiting to post our previews for March's CU hop, etc or are they somewhere else? I apologise, but I'm terrible at forums.

Hello Lisa! Happy to have you joining us with the CU hop! You can add your preview here in this thread -

smiley Looking forward to seeing what you came up with! smiley

I've got April's ready!

Made the sign up list Tina.

Roger that! smiley

@Tammy I got the error too so I just downloaded the palette. I like having those handy anyway and having the name and info already there is easier for me in the long run smiley

Thank you Nellie Bell smiley

Am I missing the May sign up list? Is it up?


I usually put it up a bit later in the month, closer to the 15th which is when this train goes live.

smiley I'm working on something. It's a bit unconventional but so am I.

Hi Marisa! Could we do a Disney inspired CU blog train? I think that would be so much FUN.

Oh! Great idea to write here the upcoming blog trains, so we can organize to participate in them smiley
Thanks so much!

is the palette that is up for all year

@Mauve, to answer your question, yes this is the 2018 color pallet. smiley

thank you Sharon

Hi Everyone, I have been in and out here...I work alot and and on top of that I have been carrying for my Husband who has been ill up and down over the last 4 years. I have been going so much that I haven't been checking myself much. I had a test done hand had been under the weather and come to find out that I am fighting Cancer.
I am a store owner and a Digital Scrapbooking Designer but I pop in and out of here. Also try to get in the game with Blog hop when I can. How about having a month to support others who have cancer. Have a day and call it Choose Hope? All year round there is a color of hope. I will be glad to make the color chart. and post it here. I will create it tonight. What do you all think?

Is there a thread for the July CU train?

Hummm there does not appear to be so but I'm sure one will be up soon. smiley

@Marisa for next cu blogtrains
October: spooky, candy, trick or treat, horror movie, vampires, mythical creatures, woodland animals, outdoors, nature
November: thankfull, hello autumn, family, friends, we go together like..., indian summer, feast, horn of plenty
December: christmas cheer, gifts, joy of togetherness, christmas traditions, winter scene, snowmen, cold feet
January: fresh start, new goals, this year is..., after midnight, document everything, fitness
february: love, valentine, 28days of..., marriage
also I would like to mention, is it possible to have the new thread up around the 1st of every month. I like to see what others create, get inspired by... and want to get ahead too.


Anyone else want to vote on upcoming CU themes? Otherwise I'll just pick something. smiley

Perhaps I will switch to putting the thread up at the beginning of the month. Otherwise I just forget.

Upcoming themes have been updated, and I've scheduled the sign up lists to post on the first of the month. Feel free to add you contribution whenever you are ready.

I hope I can participate one day smiley

Hi Marisa -

I have the December Blog Train done - but I thought it was due on the 15th - Okay - I am late - do you still want it? Where would you like the preview sent?

What size does the preview need to be?