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Anne ~ you are not late! smiley Marisa creates the thread on the 1st so it gives generous timing for those who want to add well before the 15th. So think of it as the 1st-15th. Even if you don't make the 15th no big deal. Go ahead and add it.

For previews you can add your previews to flickr or some other place like that and link it up here. Generally I make all my previews at 1000x1000 but when I use the image button to add the preview to the thread I set the size to 600x600 but that's just my preference. smiley

Anyone willing to get the March CU Blog Train posted?

smiley Thank you!

Lori, I think that is a great idea...hope the powers that be will do something along that line....Cynthia

I you will contribute to the patterns soon.

@marisa is there a post for April's CU blog train?

Well, I do not know if I understood correctly, but anyway, inspired by the theme "Patterns", I created 3 of them in Photoshop and I make them available here with you. Hope you like it. (If I have done silly, please understand and forgive me: I do not know English, I translate everything into Google Translator): Download here

Paatternss_TamaraF_Preview copy by Tamara Fernandes, no Flickr

Posted here!

For May, "Summer", I made little girls with beach clothes. Hope you like it.

Summer_TamaraF_Preview copy by Tamara Fernandes, no Flickr

Are Y'all still doing the blog train? I have not done it in a long time but I might start joining in.

@Becky ~ yes they sure are! The CU train usually rolls out around the 15th of each month. Here is the link to May's CU Blog Train thread.

ooo I adore that Gina smiley

Marisa, I can't open the hex codes or the ACO I get an error unzipping. Can you post a jpg of the colors?

@Robin Did you find the colors? If not here is the palette

Just a note that we're hitting the end of what's been planned and should probably get a list for 2020's themes up soon...

@Holly: Looking for some thoughts here.

Thank you!