2022 ABC & 1,2,3 Gallery

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2022 ABC & 1,2,3 Gallery

Here is a place to list your contributions to the 2022 ABC & 1,2,3Challenge.

Participants each claim one spot and edit their posts to add each new layout as it is completed.

Please, post your images at around 200x200 or 400x200 for spreads and linkt them here.



My Family History ABC


The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci - Now Complete - 25 pages

2022 ABC All About Me & Quotes:

Album 2022- 123 Nature (landscape) et animaux (nature and animals)

Jan 2022 LC - ABC & 123 1

Here I go. I went with Quirky Me posting random thinks that give an insight into how I think about things.

"A, B, C, All About Me"