Nov 2020 LC - All About ABC Letter A

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Nov 2020 LC - All About ABC Letter A

Please read if you are considering joining this challenge. Thank you.

Welcome to the new bi-monthly All About ABC Challenge running thru the alphabet and thru 2021.

This challenge aims at creating an A-Z All About Album for you within the maximum frame of 52 weeks. That can be many things, for example: All About You, All About Myself, All About Our Travels, All About Faith, All About Our Wedding, All About Music, All About Our Life, All About Colors (cool color names like Aquasonic Blue for A or Brightlipstickred for B, Chinadove and Devonshiregreen ) etc.

So once you decide on your album topic and title (for example: All About My Family or All About My Mother etc.), you just add one or more new layouts every two weeks and find your own match starting with that letter. Share your creation here with us and pls link to your gallery when you share. Also let us know your topic and title.

So this challenge will run from A to Z and offer 1 letter challenge every 2 weeks. The way we do this is keeping both challenges live thru the entire month so that you do not need to stress about 2 smaller time slots. There will be just one. The second challenge starting in the middle of the month will only be live for 2 weeks. But since the next challenge will definitely be the letter B and will start in two weeks you could also plan or start on more letters now and just post them when the challenges come up.

Including many fantastic ideas from the challenge ideas thread this way all lc challenge mods are looking forward to your feedback. I like albums - a few of mine are here - and after sticking with me for a whole year of the Month In Review Challenges throughout 2019/2020 I want to say thank you by enabling more album making.

Two examples:
1.The album is called All About My Garden. The first page could be about Annuals, these are plants that bloom, seed, and die in one year. It could also be about Azaleas for example. B could be about bees.
2.The album is called All About Myself. The first page could be titled Art. B could be about the beach or about a brother for example.

So this is round 1/26 (Nov 1st -30th) and the challenge is to find an album title and topic and to pick your own alpha match and start the first round with the letter A. Feel free to use any size, hybrid or digital.

Find great lists here.

If you would like to make an album with a consistent look throughout because you dig uniformity like I do, I have a free template set with code 2A6ND44B
Stick any layout in the big center space and apply the same layer styles on the other layers throughout the entire album to get a pretty consistent look even tho your single pages might cover a wide variety of styles or looks.

Of course you can find a great selection of wonderful templates for this use in the store. Here are some of my faves:

Love these by Janet:

An album is perfect for the use of dashboards and journo kits:

Find great alpha templates here

The Details

  1. Challenge ends when November 2020 does.
  2. Be sure to post your layout in this month's completion thread if you would like to earn download credits. More details here.
  3. You must tag your layouts with these two tags: nov 2020 all about abc A, nov 2020 layout challenge
  4. See entered layouts here.
  5. See updated rules here.

Just so I understand

I pick one main topic that is about me - and then I have to make 26 individual pages (LO) about something within that topic? Following each letter of course. One new letter & page (LO) every 2 weeks..

Does that sound right?
When does this start?
Will it start in January or does it start NOW - in November?

So for example, I could do a main topic of Books and then have 1 favourite book starting with each letter (not counting the little words like A and THE). I mean, I love reading!!! Is that how this would work?

PS - this page (see link) really explains a lot!! Lots of different ideas too...

Exactly, Robynne! Pick any topic, the books sound fun! smiley

no main subject, just the letter A - B - C and an oblet or whatever starts with that letter is good too ??? smiley

Bourico: It is a bit of a challenge to find a topic, I know, how about 'All About My Cats' you have such beautiful cats, Bourico, I think they must be very happy with you.

ok I will try : 'All About My Cats' smiley

Reserving my spot. I chose "All About my Family".
A is for Amour (aka Love)

What a fun challenge, Bina. Thanks!
My topic is All About Family. A is for A.L. (initials for one of my daughters)

I will try, "about my Family'.

What a fun idea! I think I'm going to go with All About Music, since I'd contemplated making a concert album for years. I may have to get creative with some of these letters. smiley

I'm primarily a card maker and I think I'm going to try 'About my Cards'. A = Alien Cards, B = Bear Cards, C = Cake cards, etc. FUN!
Here is my A

AMarie! Georgous! Here's Mine smiley

Bina says I can do Books, so Books it is. AAM = All About Me.
These pages will highlight all the areas that I love to read about, through Non Fiction books.

Here's my first page. I do need to decide if I want to add a second page for this letter, since I've also been to at least one Arcade Fire show.

Great challenge! I'm not going to be at all unique here but am thinking of going for 'All About My Family' as that's probably as much thinking as I can handle. That's a lot of pages on one topic!

I'm doing mine about my teddy bears. smiley

Credits: Pamela Bachmayer Designs (retired) ~ Our Back 40,
font ~ Play Ball

Fabulous ideas and fantastic pages, here. Great to see!
Many thanks for joining in and for your feedback, ladies. Keep it coming.
smiley smiley smiley

Thanks to you for this challenge Bina! smiley

I'm doing 'All About My Life'. This layout is too busy but I'm going with it anyway as I learned a lot doing it. This is only my third page and this one was first time using Photoshop and also first time using a template (thank you to Bourico). I may do it over down the road, but for now, I'll let it stand.

@Tina: Welcome to PixelScrapper!

So great you have found us here and decided to join this lc.
I love art, too smiley . You are featuring some amazing pieces on your layout.

If you link your image to your gallery, other participants are able to leave comments or suggestions for you. Pls link your layout smiley (see rules). I have linked this one for you.

Want a constructive critique of any layout? You can enter it here.

I spent some time in Karnataka in 2016.
Alas, the topic is: All About Karnataka

Title for my A-Z journal is My Faith Walk.


@Lisa,@Saskia: Such great takes! Lisa, love how you used the watercolor flower! Saskia: great layout.

Thanks Bina!

I am going to try "All about places I have travelled".. hope I can do it.

All about my UK Travels

@Glyn and @Jody: smiley So great you are joining in, love your takes and subjects.

Though I'm very late to this challenge - reasons include Covid-19, Brexit, a new addition to the household for Christmas and just Life In General! - I was fortunate enough to receive a delightful and kind letter reminding me of all the joys of PixelScrapper that I was missing. So, late though I am, may I put down a blank space here and fill in later just to keep my place, as it were? My pc has died and I'm hoping that it can be mended some time in December.... then I'll be back on course. Sorry for the long post.

Moira: Welcome to and to the ABC Challenge smiley The challenge runs til Nov 30th so you are just in time


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