June 2020 LC - Roses

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June 2020 LC - Roses

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  1. Challenge ends when June does.
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2020 rose, june 2020 layout challenge

Texas has an extended bloom season (after the heat of summer is over!) These roses were blooming in November at the Dallas Arboretum. It isn't even rare to have roses blooming in December here!


Parnell Rose Gardens, Auckland, New Zealand

very beautiful layouts ladies! smiley

thanks for this challenge Bina smiley

Thank you for the challenge, Bina. Long past time that I did a layout about the roses we've had for over 20 years. Here is Roses.

Can I just say that I am absolutely thrilled by all your layouts? I've had a thing for roses since I can think. Any passionate rose growers here?

Gorgeous! I love the quote.

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