June 2021 LC - Blog Train

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June 2021 LC - Blog Train

Use only pieces of this month's Blog Train for this challenge. You may choose one designer, or mix and match pieces from multiple designers.

The Details

  1. Challenge ends when June does.
  2. Be sure to post your layout in this month's completion thread if you would like to earn download credits. More details here.
  3. You must tag your layouts with these two tags: june 2021 blog train, june 2021 layout challenge
  4. See entered layouts here.
  5. See updated rules here.

thank for this challenge Shannon smiley

So pretty, Bourico!
Thanks for the challenge, Shannon.
Here is one with my part:

june 2021 blog train, june 2021 layout challenge

Mom celebrated her 92nd birthday during the last week of May (YES, she celebrated the whole week!) The Grandkids and GreatGrand kids came for lunch on Saturday)

I combined Rachel Martin's blog train mini NATALIA with two elements from Kelly Wardlow's BIRTHDAY BASH blog train mini to create my layout!

Thank you for the challenge! Gallery

Fireworks Sparkles remind me of LOTR