SLM 2021 LC - Kit

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SLM 2021 LC - Kit

graphic by Marisa here

The challenge is to make a layout with this fab kit by Janet Kemp.

The Details

  1. Challenge ends when August 2021 does.
  2. Be sure to post your layout in this month's completion thread if you would like to earn download credits. More details here.
  3. You must tag your layouts with these two tags: slm 2021, aug 2021 kit
  4. See entered layouts here.
  5. See updated rules here.

slm 2021, aug 2021 kit

Cypress Gardens in South Carolina, was really a SWAMP but it was gorgeous ... except for the occasional alligator who swam past our boat ... yikes!

gallery link

smiley I am saving my DC's and download 5 items each day. BRB in a few days smiley

@Saskia Veldhoen: smiley

Oh, you made one more beautiful layout @Linda De Los Reyes, love it.

Thanks, Bina!

Thanks for playing along, everyone.

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