Updated Layout Challenge Rules and Info

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Updated Layout Challenge Rules and Info

For a little while now the challenges have not been working as easily as I would like, mostly for me on the back-end doing various administrative tasks. But, an idea has come to me that will help simplify things, and allow me to post challenges more frequently and easily. Yay!

Basic rules:

  1. A layout may only be submitted for 1 challenge.
  2. Layouts must follow the directions of the challenge to be eligible for points and prizes.
  3. Layouts must be uploaded to the DigitalScrapbook.com gallery to be eligible for points and prizes (get access here).
  4. Layouts can use elements from any designer (you do NOT need to use a certain % of DigitalScrapbook.com elements), unless specifically stated in the challenge.
  5. Layouts must be tagged with the tags provided in each challenge.
  6. Dates will be set individually for each challenge.

Community Points and Download Credits will be awarded on a MONTHLY basis. If you want your layout to be considered, it should be tagged with the special month challenge tag (see individual challenges for details). At the end of the month, I will randomly select at least one person to win 50 DC, and I will also be awarding community points to everyone entered. I'd like to see how things work out, and how many layouts there are to determine how many winners and CP I'll be awarding.

To participate you should:

  1. Upload your layout to the DigitalScrapbook.com gallery. To get access, sign up here.
  2. Post a reply in the forums to the challenge you are entering, linking to your submitted layout.
  3. Right click on the image of your layout and choose "copy image URL." Paste this link into the image button on your forum post. Don't forget to include the link to your layout too, so people can smiley it. This is your entered layout for the challenge (see here for helpful screenshots).
  4. Be sure to check out the other submissions and leave comments and smiley .

So it's pretty much the same as it was before, except that there will be TWO tags to enter into your layout. One for the specific challenge, and one for the month so I can track all layouts for that time period. I'll have more details about the specifics once I see how things work out. Hopefully this will streamline things a bit more and allow us to have more fun!!

Nice idea Marisa!

Let´s supose someone don´t want to enter the prize drawing to give more opportunity to the others (me, me, me) - can we tag the layout only with the tag for the specific challenge?

I'd still like to be able to give everyone CP. I'm hoping to set up a filter to filter out people with subscriptions from the DC drawing.

In that case, does anyone with a PU subscription hope to have the chance to win DC to get CU items? Or are you fine with being excluded from the drawing?

sounds like a good plan! smiley can you put both tags in the challenge topic post so we don't forget? smiley

re: download credits: I'm a PU subscriber, and I don't really need CU items... but that doesn't mean I might not want them SOMEDAY... so I don't know LOL

I have 20 right now sitting around waiting for me to need them. I think as long as they don't expire, I'd still like to get them (especially since it's kind of the only prize you can really offer) smiley

This sounds awesome! A great revision. When I was a PU subscriber I liked the chance to get more dcs to be able to get CU items.

Hi Marisa
Sorry I am very new to all of this so this might be a silly question.
I want to enter the "Beginner/Template Challenge - Flowers" so I have created (or Tried) a Flower Paper Template. How do I go about that?

1. Do I upload the Flower Paper template I created (1000dpi x 1000dpi jpeg) to the Layout Gallery? So Design Tools then Upload Layout?
2. Then I copy the link as you explained and Post this on the "Beginner/Template Challenge - Flowers" Forum?

Not that it would be good enough but how do you get your templates as part of the Template or if you make assets as part of the asset download? Or is this for the more experienced members?

Love this site!

Thank you

@Friena: The challenge you´re mentioning is a designer challenge, not a LO challenge - so, you don´t post to the gallery, since the gallery is only for layouts. You must upload your results, then, as stated on Designer Challenge rules. It reads:

Since we currently have no way for designers to post their designs on the site, you will need to have an off-site location to host your files if you wish to share them. Please leave an image and a link (if offered) in the appropriate challenge thread. See here for info on posting an image to the forum.

@Marisa: It´s probably better if individuals have a way to tell you they opt out of extra DC. You can ask to the people opting out write it somewhere. You deceide if it´s on their profile, on the layout description or in the challenge topic when they post their layouts. Then, when someone is get on the drawing, you can check that place if the person opted out, and, in this case, chose another person. I also figured out that maybe some people that have unlimited CU subscriptions might want to have some extra DCs stored in case they have some familiar problem and can´t afford the subscription for some months but will come back later...

I have been wanting to participate in the LO challenges but I have been confused as how to get to that point. I didn't realize I needed to get access,oy. I'm a little slow this and well pretty much EVERY morning lol. So I create my LO upload it once I get permission and just tag it with the two tags for that challenge correct? Just want to make sure I do it right the first time.

Great plan! I can be filtered out. I participate just for the fun of it.

I guess now that I'm an uploader theres a little less incentive to enter the challenges. The DC and CP prizes would be a little more of a reason to enter. As people have mentioned, the DC would be good "for a rainy day". The rest of the revisions are good, thanks.

Thank you for fine-tuning the challenges and for explaining them so succinctly. Now I understand why everyone loves them...and better yet...now I know how to participate!

I love the update on the layout challenge rules! smiley

I have a PU subscription, but on occasion I also download items with a CU license. I always love to participate to as many layout challenges as possible, but having a chance to win DC to get CU items will increase my motivation even more I think.

I think the revisions look just fine. I still like the idea of being able to win DC points even though I have a subscription for when I need a CU download or "heaven forbid" if I decide to stop my subscription for a time period.

Great rules. I have to start looking for ideas for this months challenge smiley Not to much time left. Hopefully I can make it.

Everything looks good. I also am a pu subscriber and may or may not one day like to buy CU products.
I have been a bit slow with digi the past few months - life is crazy and I have made myself do a monthly class to try and do at least a bit of paper crafting again. I go in fits and starts.

the criteria of the challenges became clearer

question. I am waiting for gallery approval - can I post my layout on the layout challenge?

@Tanya: I just gave you access to the gallery, so you should be good to go!

Thank you Marisa -I was checking during work lunch smiley

Thanks for the explanations. I love doing challenges. They help me think outside the box and also to learn new and creative ways to present my photos.

Thank you Marissa for explaining the "rules" and process. I can't wait to submit my first layout! smiley


I'm what you call a hybrid scrapper. I download digital scrapbook elements and papers etc. and then print them off to add them to scrapbooks. Will you accept paper pages as opposed to digital pages? I still need to apply for the gallery but I wanted to ask just in case I can do some of these challenges. smiley

Thank you!

@Rebecca: Right now we only allow digital layouts in the gallery, although, as I want to see your layouts, we'll have to come up with something!

I want to make sure I understand this totally LOL. I'm blonde. Bear with me. We can use any kit we want from any store/site as long as we credit the work? Also, are there only 2 August challenges as of now? Most of the ones I go into say July. smiley

Yep, you can use any kit you want unless the challenge specifically states otherwise.

We usually have 1 or 2 new challenges a week, and we usually post them on Thursday. In July we were doing a layout madness challenge extreme, so that's why there were so many prompts.

I love challenges! It would be awesome to have a bunch of challenges every month. I like how GottaPixel does theirs. In the forum it's divided in to folders by month. They are so easy to find. I love all of July's stuff. I was so excited to start making layouts to go with the challenge then I saw they were all for July. smiley

@Aimee: You can always go back and do old challenges. They're still good ideas to get you going. But it's a bit overwhelming to keep them all open all the time.

Thanks for the clear rules smiley I can't wait to jump in and join in the September challenges.

Loving the challenges . . . but I've got a question. I understand a layout can only be entered in one challenge at Pixelscraps. But, is there any limitations to what we do with challenge layouts outside the community? For example, I realized after I completed a pixelscrapper challenge that I had used the font that I had downloaded for the font challenge in the community that I'm transitioning from. Is it fine for me to also upload it there for that challenge? or would that be frowned upon since I'm technically entering the layout in two challenges, albeit at different sites?

There would be nothing wrong with that as the one layout per challenge only applies to the challenges here at DigitalScrapbook.com. I however don't know how any other galleries are operated smiley

Awesome, SO glad I read the rules I was about to use one layout for two challenges. Thanks!!!
off to post my first layout.