Winter Layout Madness - February 2021

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Winter Layout Madness - February 2021

It's back! Everyone's favorite time of year is here...layout madness!

This February join the Pixel Scrapper community in making ALL THE LAYOUTS. You're in charge of setting your own goal number of layouts. We'll help out by posting lots of prompts and encouragement throughout the month. So easy! So fun!

  1. Leave your goal number of layouts in the comments below . Don't worry if you're joining late! We're glad to have you.
  2. Please tag any layout you're counting towards your goal with "wlm 2021".
  3. Please share your layout in the prompt thread that it completes. (If you didn't use a prompt, we'll have a special place for those layouts too.) (How to Share Layouts in the Forums)
  4. When you post a layout to a thread, please also let us know your goal rate (as in 3/21, if it's your third layout for the challenge and your goal is 21).
  5. Have fun! The first prompts will be posted when February begins, and continue throughout the month. Feel free to repeat prompts if you like them, or to do your own thing and ignore them completely.

ok my goal is 30 pages ... and more ... smiley

I'm going to aim for 30.

I will aim for 20, but like the last two years ... I expect to do more than that! I've collected lots of kits that I haven't had time to use. This project is always a good way to make up for that!

edit - I have a plan: 10 layouts with Pixel Scrapper kits that are new to me (but not necessarily new to Pixel Scrapper - I've been collecting since 2015, and there are lots of un-used kits in my collection) 5 layouts with Pixel Scrapper favorites, and 5 more from outside designer's who work I love. I might even try the prompts!

I'll play, but I have to set a smaller goal. Now that I'm designing more, I find it takes up a lot of my spare time because I'm learning new techniques. That's why I haven't posted any layouts since November! Anyhoo, I'll shoot for 10 layouts.

I'm going to stretch my wings and try for 20 - the last WLM (or SLM) I did, I managed 18

Edited - 4 Feb 2021 - I have to adjust my goal - I have a really busy February - 2 marathons plus (An online) conference at the end of the month.

I shall drop my goal back down to 12.

I will play along. Will go for 15 for now.

I am going to go for 40 - love these layout madness challenges! Really gets me working on all of my photos

30 Treasure Journal Pages

I've been wondering about this!! I'm going to aim for 25, with the side goal of making 10 of them for a travel album project.

I'm going to go for 6-8.

i will go for 25

just 7 for me this time. but i am crossing my fingers that i can do more

I'll go for 10. Hoping for more!

I will try for 10 and hope to do that and more.

My favorite type of madness! smiley I'll try for 15.

I’m going to go for 10 layouts. Looking forward to it. I did the last one for the first time and it was really inspiring.

Thanks for organising!

I'm hoping for 10, maybe more smiley

I am hoping for 30 but I will say 15

In the thoughts of being realistic, I'm going to set my goal at 5 and hope I get uber motivated to create more! Plus I just found this site and need to figure out how to navigate it smiley

Looking forward to getting something done and meeting you!

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper, Melissa!! This is a very fun place to be!!

I'm setting myself a goal of 28.

I will play along and go for 16 pages. Thank you so much for organizing smiley

First timer here, so I will say 5

Things are a bit crazy here, so my goal has to be small. I'll shoot for 6.

Well, I have been overestimating myself so far... so I will go with a small number... 5.. :p

Thank you! Definitely have enjoyed looking around so far!

I have been outta the loop lol ughhh........9

I'm setting myself a goal of 28.

My goal is 25. smiley

I will play, my goal is 6 - 8