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Layout Challenge Ideas

If you have any ideas for layout challenges, leave your ideas here!

I will put down some ideas - it might help others think of some too smiley
layout challenge ideas (we have done some of these before but the could be fun again):

  • hobbies
  • landscapes
  • circles
  • triangles
  • a certain color (or colors)
  • heroes
  • your childhood home/neighborhood
  • the same picture used multiple times
  • pets (or a favorite animal)
  • books
  • use multiple kits
  • frames
  • make your own word art and use it
  • a quote to start with
  • scraplift a certain layout
  • black & white photos
  • black & white with color photos
  • gratitude - this could be big things or little everyday things
  • favorites (candy, dessert, places etc)
  • maybe a challenge to scrap someone else's pictures? --- this could get crazy but be fun also
  • morning/midday/afternoon/evening/night time routine
  • grandparents
  • getting to know you (like the forum thread but scrapped)

Top ten list
favorite song lyric
things you craft/create
what's your sign? (your astrological sign and how it relates to you)
your place on the globe (a way to teach everyone about your hometown)
favorite PINTEREST pins/creations/recipes
your favorite PixelScrapper kit
your favorite place in the world (if you've been there or not)
A day in the life
scrap a tutorial (do a PS tutorial and scrap/describe)
you are your hobbies

Hobbies - scrapping/crafting/flying
Cooking/recipes/memorable meals/restaurants/favorite food/regional specialties
Ceremonies/birthday/wedding/bar-bat mitzvah/anniversary
Firsts-step/job/trip/school/apartment/home/bungee jump
family - trees/ancestors/extended/chosen
bucket list

Layout: The coolest place I've ever been
for techniques- grunge it up, clean layout, monochromatic, complimentary colors, contrasting colors

advertising inspiration - magazine/email/TV if you can smiley
(I like getting inspiration from other areas/media) smiley

some ideas:
-chose a famous quote , a saying , a proverb and illustrate it
- your fav animal (not only pets, i love wild animals)
-school (of course i'm a teacher)
- "home sweet home" or "what are the things that make you feel at home?"
-your personnality on a page
-scrapbook an historic moment (cool to use archive pics and a vintage style)

Ahh! Layout challenges! What a cool idea! Could you do one with faded writing? I love how it looks.


view from the window
your favourite smell
my quiet place is.....
I smiled today because......

things you are grateful for...

Once I made a challenge on other forum where you could use only things that started with the first letter of your first name. It was great fun...

We send another person a photo and you receive one from someone else as well.
Now you have a photo(s) to scrap with that you know nothing about.
Scrap it as best you can w/o knowing the backstory.
It could make for some pretty interesting journaling!!
It would take coordinating to figure who is going to participate beforehand and get the pictures exchanged.
We can send messages through PS though, so we should be able to send attachments as well.

A layout lift would be fun... we choose someones LO to lift from the gallery, or sign up to do it kind of like the swap.

We could also have flash challenges at But if you don't have time to "host" them, you could see if any of your admins would be interested in hosting. (or devoted member volunteers :wink wink: lol)

Oh I just thought of something!! We could have a challenge where we all scrap-lift one of Marisa's LOs!!!

smiley smiley smiley

I like the challenges that are chain-lift: Someone chooses a layout and passes it only to the first participant; then, the first participant scraplift it and sends only to the second participant and to the "challenger"; then, the second participant lifts it and sends to the third and the challenger, and so on. The layouts are revealed only when everybody makes the lifts. This kind of challenge always make me think a lot about the design process...

Sounds fun Lorien!

How about something having to do with church ie; Wedding , Christening, Baptism, Festivals, Christmastime, any special event etc.

Ditto on Kaleena's list.

I love the scrap-lift idea. The last one was so much fun. The chain-lift would be a blast.

I love the chain layout idea! Reminds me of the game "Gossip" where the end product rarely resembles the beginning.

Here are some ideas I had:
monochromatic layout - maybe in our favorite color
Pixel recipe - specific items and how many of each [i.e., 3 paper, 2 frames, 7 flowers, etc.]
Roll of the Dice - random numbers [we have to choose items to match the numbers; i.e., 3, 11, 4, 8, 2, 7 - 3 papers or 3 flowers, etc., then 11 of something, 4 of something and so on]
a time in history
favorite childhood memory
Make a Wish - something we wish we could do, see, be, go...whatever our wish would be
our home town or the town where we grew up
favorite holiday
some kind of photo alteration/action/effect
B&W with one item in color
rework an old layout OR choose a layout we want someone else to rework and exchange or pass on to someone and we get one from another person [kind of like passing your papers to the person in front at school!]
favorite recipe

Great ideas everyone!

Just sharing some ideas I have in my head. Maybe they are not all great so please comment if you feel like it. smiley

(Edited, list moved here)

Great ideas Nadia smiley
I was thinking about a mini kit challenge where you give us the theme and we choose the color palette, I think that will be fun since there will be different color kits but with the same theme ^_^I really like this idea.

@Lorien: i really like your idea.. sounds fun to do!

@Jiovanna: that's a great idea, too many contributions just different colors.. smiley

That's a great idea Jiovanna! It think that could turn out to be very nice.

A themed challenge would be fun!


Wow! some really great ideas! Nadia, the steampunk jumped out at me - I LOVE steampunk!! But so many ideas - poor Marisa will have a time deciding between all of them.

I LOVE this idea!

An layout with one color (the assets), except the background and the photo.
i hope you know what i mean?

How about a lyric layout - the host posts the lyrics from a song and a layout is created on whatever the song means to the person. They also need to include the portion of the song that inspired the laout.

Template challenge - everyone uses the same template to make a layout

P356, P52 or P12 challenge (a layout for the day, week or month)

A layout inspired by a a highlighted tutorial (the hostess chooses the tutorial for the challenge)

A layout utilizing a particular technique (for example extractions)

I just (re-)discovered the joys of layer styles. How about a challenge that requires some kind of style for every layer used?