Designer Challenge - Element Making - Deadline March 7

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Designer Challenge - Element Making - Deadline March 7

This Week's Challenge: Design an element that matches the Spring Fields Bundle. Some people have expressed interest in having more elements that coordinate with kits I've already made, and I thought that might be a good challenge to tackle here. Since I have my own style, I thought it would be fun to see how other people interpreted the color palette and theme.

So your challenge is to make one element that coordinates, but hopefully is different from what I've already made. Since this is a designer challenge, make as much of the element from scratch as you can. Please share the finished asset with us, and the template as well if you'd like.

In this thread feel free to leave the following:

  • An image and link to your design.
  • Questions, tips and advice for completing the challenge.

Due Date: March 7, 2013 noon (UTC/GMT +3 hours)

See designer challenge rules here.

fun fun fun!! such a great idea!! smiley

Excellent challenge.

Love this idea! Would it be possible to get the color pallet....just to make sure we're matching it correctly?

Here is my element for the challenge, a shining sun:

Download Here.


And Template:


Wow, that was fast, Chickie! Thank you for the lovely sunburst element.

I had to laugh at myself when I pulled up this thread and found that Chickie made a flower - BECAUSE - I did too! So, you can download this flower from my box account, and the file also contains a pebble, two tags and a journal card.


Great challenge!!

Good thing I checked first since I was going to make A FLOWER too. smiley I'll think of something else...

Here's the link to my elements. I zipped it for easier downloading. This is the first time I've ever made my own elements so I tried to do everything from scratch. There are some stickers and a word art and some butterflies and butterfly scatter smiley Dropbox
And I would love to show the preview I made here but I can't figure out how to do it...if anybody who has been able to do so and doesn't have their own website or blog and could tell me how I'd appreciate it. Thanks. jenny
Thanks to everyone who helped explain how to put the preview pic on. Here it is:

Click on the link that says "color palette" in Marisa's post above. You can hover over the colors squares on the right and get the color number. You can also right click and save the inspiration picture and pallet to your computer and use the eye dropper tool, to match the colors. The color numbers are the most accurate.
They are:

I made a Color Swatch with these colors. It will work with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. This is my first Color Swatch. If anyone wants it, I've uploaded it to based on the advice I received on this group. If you have any problems with please let me know. I tried it, and like the fact it was very clear what to click on to be able to download the file. And the person downloading didn't have to sign up for an account.

This is my test before using to upload my contribution for the next challenge. The file was only 42 k, so I didn't zip it, should I have? I've only unzipped things, never zipped things, so that is another learning curve.

It took me a terribly long time to do this only because when my Color Swatch pallet was anchored onto the right side of my desktop screen, there was no way to access the the load or replace swatches area. I had to drag the pallet tool box away from the side to be able to access that function. I mention it, because someone else might have the same problem. Not until I saw the picture this tutorial did I realize that there was a menu that was hidden, and then it took me a while to separate the swatch box.

I could not find any info about bandwidth limits on's free account.

I noticed with the March Bog Train there were already portions of the train that were hosted on 4shared and Dropbox were inaccessible, because they'd already exceeded their bandwidth limit, so that is what made me try

And here is a graphic for those who don't want the swatch for Photoshop or PSE.

Jenny, I don't have a blog or website, I upload mine to photobucket, copy the URL link they provide and paste the code into the insert image icon. It is the little icon that looks like a picture of a mountain and sun, with a yellow background. Easy peasy!

And I would love to show the preview I made here but I can't figure out how to do it...if anybody who has been able to do so and doesn't have their own website or blog and could tell me how I'd appreciate it. Thanks. jenny

If you don't have your own blog or website, then you would need to upload to a photo site, like flickr or photobucket, and then you can use the link for the photo to post here. You would use the little yellow box with the mountain & sun that is above the reply box. It will ask for the url (link) and then what size (pixels) you want the image to show up.

ETA: I didn't see Chickie's response... Better to have two with the same answer I guess than two conflicting ones...

Chickie, so gorgeous! Great job everyone! This is so much fun!

Here's a quick tutorial on sharing images in the forums:

Here's mine! Of course, its a flower too but I am hoping it is unique enough... smiley


I've made an element, now I'm working on posting a preview and a link to the download on Google Drive. This will be my first, so wish me luck.

Okay, still working on the preview for the linen frame I made but the above link works for the download at Google Drive. For the template click on File and the download arrow appears.


Yahoo! I think everything works. Now I just hope someone can use the frame.

I thought I should just quick check. When you say we should try to create it from scratch, is it okay to use Photoshop brushes/shapes to create things. Without those, I'd kind of be at a loss as to where to start. I'd love to participate, but it would definitely be far more challenging than anticipated.

Also, if we create some thing by hand and then photograph/extract it...would that work?

Janet - The only rule is to try your best! I think the next rule should be to enjoy what you are doing, so do whatever you would like to do and however you would like to make it happen. The object of the challenge is to stretch yourself, so do what you can by your own skills, and enhance with whatever you need. The more you practice, the easier it becomes to make your own styles and custom shapes. Just participate, and enjoy the community. Everything else will come with time. You do fun work, so I look forward to seeing your "stuff".

You said it well Sunny. The goal is the challenge yourself, so whatever you need to do that is fine.

Love those misty flowers Molly, and Harriet your frame is great!

Well, every site is a little different - I didd't see the color pallet until after this was complete but I went by the sample colors.
I did a kite -kite
and a preview of kite [img][/img]

Love your kite, Diann. Thanks.

Thank you Harriett.

Here is my submission. Included in the zip are 6 gems, 5 separate paint splats, and 2 stitches. I had a bit of fun trying a combination of new things and things that I was already comfortable with. I couldn't just stop at one.

The gems were done completely from scratch using this tutorial. Though heads up that if you use the tutorial, you'll need to have your document be 300 ppi vs. their recommended 72 ppi. Otherwise it was a fantastic and easy to follow tutorial! They're not anything fancy by any means, but I'm pretty proud that I was able to create them from nothing. smiley

The stitches are brushes from Renderosity, and specifically this kit.

The paint splats are from a bundle I purchased from Inky Deals. There are so many resources available at that site!

Hopefully someone out there will find some of the stuff useful.

Looks good everyone. I'll have to check out that jewel tutorial.

Yep, definitely do! Once you create the template, you can use it over and over by either filling in the three colored layers with a new color...or by using clipping masks. smiley

Love these elements!! It's so cool to see everyone's work! smiley

Download HERE

Download HERE

Hope you like them smiley

Such lovely contributions! I took the time to download everything so far this morning. I'm looking forward to unpacking all of the goodies and adding them to my Spring Fields folder and putting together a layout. smiley

Looks awesome!

I love it, thank you!!


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