DESIGNER: June 2013 - Make a Kit Challenge (week 2)

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DESIGNER: June 2013 - Make a Kit Challenge (week 2)

Pick a color scheme and I'll give you a daily prompt to create something. By the end of the month you'll have a finished kit! Feel free to do which ever prompts you'd like, completing a mini kit is great too!

In this thread you may post:

  1. Questions and comments on completing each asset.
  2. Finished assets and/or templates. You may of course post small thumbnail images if you are saving the finished product for something.
  3. I'll post a new thread each week so that things don't get too out of hand.
  4. Don't worry if you're behind or starting in the middle, feel free to share whatever you make.

June 2013 Kit Challenge Themes

I'm thinking papers for these, but really it's up to you and what you want to do:

Sat, June 8 - Chevron
Sun, June 9 - Scatter/Uneven
Mon, June 10 - Words
Tues, June 11 - Damask
Wed, June 12 - Ornamental
Thur, June 13 - Geometric
Fri, June 14 - Extra Small

So many "First-Time"-Papers for me. Thanks again for organizing this challenge.

Here ist my number 8 - Chevron:

@Isa, I LOVE your paper!!

8 Chevron

Day 8 - Chevron

DINO ORANGE CHEVRON by Danell M, on Flickr

DinoStomp Chevron by Danell M, on Flickr

@Emerald - I love that bold pattern!

My Chevron attempt


*Main image is not mine.


*Images taken from other scrappers. This is my collation of what I'd put in a children's kit.

Thank you, Danell! I like working with the bright colors for a change. smiley

Here is my chevron paper for the 8th:


Ooh, I love all the chevron!

9 scatter/uneven

Emerald, these are fabulous! loving the butterfly one

Great Job ladies!!

Is this considered chevron?

Here ya go!

Good job sweetie!!

I like these colors you used.

Very nice!!

Great job,you sure got a lot done.

I made a word art overlay.

Does that count as wordart?

Here is my scatter paper for the 9th:


Oh Chickie I love your scatter paper!! I hope I can find the time to catch up with the challenge!

Chickie , I think your scatter paper is really cute. I also like the colors you have chosen for your kit.

I worked on these today and couldn't make up which to I will submit all.

Chevron 1

Chevron 2

Chevron Orn

Thank you so much, Jess smiley

My chevrons and scattered patterns for week 2. Still going with the guy thing theme. smiley

Scatter redone (I've used Marisa's heart scatter)

Childs Play redone, alphas not my original work. (words)

Geometric (based on an image found on google)

10 Words

My favourite so far, (images from clipart.) I drew the panda and car myself. haha
concept for "small"

I am sooo way behind with the papers smiley

Geometric 1

I am a little behind but will get there by end of the week at the latest smiley.

Here my number 9 - scatter:


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