4Shared DL problems - found a solution!

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4Shared DL problems - found a solution!

Yay... I'm so happy that you were able to download the freebies that you wanted, I know it was very frustrating smiley but so happy that you found the solution!! smiley

Very cool Lisa! Talk about determination and grit!!! smiley You definitely got it.
I'm going to try it out just to see if it doesn't use my daily allotment.
I never use it on the monthly but sometimes when there's a large blog train or several for a sb day I get close to the daily limit. So, I'll have to "test" that aspect now. smiley

Jiovanna, me, too!!! I need to get over to Facebook and "like" a few pages from around here because there's so many cute things out there! smiley

Shawna, I can be a determined (pesky) thing sometimes lol. I hope it works for you when you need it. smiley

Hi Lisa Marie~

I'm with you on having to 'like' pages on FB to get a download.

I have no idea why so many insist on using this for their things, but I have found a
way for those of us that hate using FB for this and opening up our personal FB accounts
to all kinds of access and potential problems.

Once you 'like' a page and get the download started, go back to that 'like' button....
it will have a small drop down menu...click 'unlike' and it will not leave Any of your
personal info behind.

Believe me....I have to REALLY like what is being offered to even bother with it.
But this is a solution that will work for you and anyone else that doesn't like this system.

Kathie ... I do the same thing although there was one facebook hop that only ran on facebook which meant you had to click on the next button and it would use the same page to go to the next blog ...I got around that by opening two of the previous blog and was then able to go back to the last page to click unlike ... but you have to do that for each page which takes a lot of time and that means I don't usually go to each page to take a look at the other pages

Kathie, I have a feeling the FB thing is to move more and more things to one "central" place. Not sure, but that's what I'm thinking. Or maybe to get a better feel for what people like instead of counting on people to leave some love on their blog.

I go through all my "likes" from time to time and "unlike" them to clear them out. The thing that bugged me was that to download from 4shared, it brought up a page where you had to get the download through FB, Twitter, Instagram or Google. I seemed to one of a few that got that page, which led to the search to find a workaround. I'll be choosy who I "like" on FB to be sure.

FB thing is to generate "engagement" to fanpages. According to the FB algorythim, fanpages news appear to more people in their timelines if there are more people "engaged": Clicking, liking (the page and their posts), writing on the page timeline, comenting and sharing posts/tabs/the fanpages are measured throug FB as engagement. And believe me, it´s REALLY hard to generate engagement.

Hi Lisa Marie: You don't have to use the FB, Twitter, etc if you set up a free account with 4shared.
But to use it, you have to log-in every time. People with paid 4shared accounts don't have to deal
with pop up ads, etc and designers that use paid 4shared for their uploads have the option to set
their downloads as direct links, which makes it possible for everyone downloading their things to
have instant downloads without any hassle. I don't know why more of them aren't making their links
direct for everyone. I have a paid mediafire and I always make my links direct for everyone. It makes
it so much easier for everyone and there isn't any benefit to anyone by not using that option.

The other thing with 4shared...for quite awhile, many of us got viruses on our computers from their
pop-up ads. I saw many comments on designers blogs complaining to them that they got viruses from
their downloads...but that wasn't what happened. They were actually getting them from those darn pop-ups
and the pop-up blockers couldn't block them all. That's why I quit using them or downloading anything that
wasn't a direct download.

Hi Lorien: That's part of why I don't like to use FB. They track far too much info on us and it
opens up our private info to be accessed by way too many strangers and hackers. I finally set up a
page under my designer name, mostly because I needed it to communicate with the other designers
in one of the stores I'm in. I'll be making a freebie soon to put on their for visitors, but I will have it
set up so they can just download it without having to use the 'Like' button.

I don't really care about generating engagement, so I will leave it up to anyone visiting my page to
decide if they want to 'Like' it or not. If they do, they will be able to see my new posts and freebies,
and if not, they can just come back and visit my page whenever they feel like it....LOL!

I just try to make it as easy as possible for everyone to see what I have new going into the stores and
collect all my freebies that go with those announcements as well as the blog trains. I've tried to cut out
for everyone the things that irritate me when I visit a blog or download from someone else.

The ones I hate the most and don't bother with are where they have 3 freebies that go together and say
" you can get one here, like one on FB and get the other part in the store" I don't care how cute something
is that they are giving away....it is Not worth that kind of hassle....LOL! As far as I'm concerned...they can
keep their freebies!!! smiley

I know there are plenty of people that will chase around to get those freebies...I just don't happen to be
one of them. And the designers are trying to get people to their stores to buy from them, but I don't
think they realize that if they make it such a hassle to get the free things they are giving to promote a
new product, they might actually Lose potential customers. I am much more likely to buy from someone
that provides a sample freebie without all that hassle. If I can see they have quality products, I will go buy
from them if there is something that I want or need.

I hope this is not coming across as harsh. It's just my own opinion and preferences on things.

While we are here, I want to Thank You Lorien for the wonderful job you are doing here on the forum.
You are always so thoughtful and helpful to everyone. I really appreciate having you here and admire
you for keeping up with everything so well. Have a wonderful rest of your day! smiley

Thanks for the comments Kathie - Those made me smile smiley I´m just trying to help since, while you all are enjoying an awesome and well-deserved summer, with all the outdorsy a summer can have, I´m home struck in the beginning of a cold winter...

On my fanpage you need to "like" to get the freebie, but I picked an app that don´t ask people to share their personal information with the app as an additional think to like to be able to do it. We, page admins, don´t get lots of info about people who like our pages - we can see their public profile, and that´s all. But something I have to say is: The freebies I put on my FB won´t be better than the ones I put on my blog with direct download. And, if you want my facebook freebie but don´t have a facebook, you can alwas e-mail me asking for a link smiley By now, I have had only one FB freebie and it´s a very simple FB timeline template. I guess it won´t be usefull to people who don´t "like" (no puns intended) Facebook, and that´s why I choose that one to put there.

I am glad I could make you smile, especially since you are going into Winter. It is finally starting to warm up
here a bit after one of the longest, coldest, snowy Winter I have ever seen. So glad it's finally going away for
a few months!

You made me smile with your no pun intended freebie smiley Very Funny!

I want to make sure everyone understands that I'm not trying to be critical of anyone using Facebook.
I'm mostly concerned about the lack of privacy and security by Facebook since they went public and
offered up stocks. Investors and advertisers get too much access to our FB accounts now and hackers
are always a problem. Facebook is a great way to keep up with family members that live away from us and
it is helpful for running a business. But in order to do that, you have to allow access to too many strangers
and apps. That is the part I don't like or agree with.

They get access to your name, where you live, your phone number...way too much info. From that hackers
find a way to get into your bank records, get credit and debit card info...that kind of thing. It would help if
people behaved and treated others the way that they want to be treated instead of being criminals. But sadly
there are some that will always do bad things, so we are left with protecting ourselves.

Since I am disabled now, I have to take extra care in what info people like that can get hold of. Especially my
bank info and address. I'm on a very limited income and can't physically defend myself now if someone finds
where I live and decides to break in. I went thru a problem a few months ago with someone from a Country
overseas somewhere, got hold of my phone number, actually called me from a number they had re-routed
to look like it was in a State here in the US, and tried to access my computer and bank records by calling me.
It took months to put a stop to it and that was after I had to call several Federal Government agencies here to
try and track where they were. For awhile the calls came from 1 phone number, but then they kept changing it
so I wouldn't know it was them and answer the phone, until I told them the government was working on tracking
them and putting a stop to them. Several people I know that live near me had their bank accounts emptied by
the scammers that got hold of bank info from peoples cards that did their Christmas shopping at Target.

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone treated each other the way we do here at Pixel Scrapper. We would have no
worries online if they did...LOL! smiley

I refuse to join 4shared because of all the trouble it takes to download a stinkin' file! lol But, man oh man, am I having fun downloading things I thought I was out of luck on. Some things are very old from designers who seem to have disappeared (like "Scrap Stuff with PSP" aka Shawna). The nice thing is, she has loads of things in both .psp and .psd formats. And, I did get some nasty malware on my work computer from 4shared. I knew how to tackle it because my brother had gotten the same darn one on his brand new laptop a few of weeks ago. And he knows nothing about 4shared so this malware is really getting around.

I just started a blog and hope to offer everything from there and not use FB. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it (for now). The internet has become ridiculously small and can be a bit scary. If I do use FB, I would think it would be for informational purposes only to let others know something is available.

But ... I am still hoarding things and can't for the life of me figure out where to begin! So me offering anything is a bit down the road! I've made a couple of things (mainly papers), but I sit and stare at PSP or PSE and think .. okay, what now? lol Lorien has given me some pointers, though, and I'm diligently trying to follow them. smiley

As for 4shared, I'm just glad there's a way to get around their persnickety download issues.

Thank you for this information. I find myself ending up at FB a lot due to having to like their pages.. I'm very happy now that I know how to go back and "unlike" the page. smiley Yay! smiley thank you, Kathie! xox

I actually don't mind the FB stuff (especially when it comes to trains) much easier to download. What I do think and frustrates me is how quickly they take stuff down from there. And THIS is the main reason I think they do use it. To LIMIT how long and how many people can get it. I'm not one of those people that makes it to FB as often as others. I'm more of a couple times a month (if that!) kind of person.

Thanks but I don't think I'm going to mess with it. If I mess up my computer again our repair man is really going to be angry.