Ah! Help.. I'm stuck!

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Ah! Help.. I'm stuck!

Have you ever been working on a page, layout your pictures, have the journaling JUST right, and now have NO clue where to place the "stuff" that makes a page look complete?

I'm currently working on wrapping up my 2020 Project Life album and was working on a title page and love the way it's laid out (I'm probably going to repeat it for each album from now on, to be honest). I cannot figure out how to embellish the page for the life of me.

Here's the page in question..

I pulled the embellishments from the front cover and placed them on the page, but I don't know if the potted plant looks out of place, or if I should try something else in that corner. When I remove it, the page looks left-side heavy.

I will gladly take any suggestions as I'm stumped!

I can't see the image Kate! I'm very curious to see it. We have instructions here for posting photos, which includes places where you can host your photo. Dropbox and Google Drive aren't great at sharing photos on the web.

Ok.. that should've fixed it. Helps if I didn't upload it to a private album smiley

Hallo Kate,
since it looks a bit like a newspaper cover, I would not use embellishments on your title page.
Just my opinion..

I really like the newspaper cover page look smiley
You 'could introduce color with the titles for example and decorate the letters for a bit of whimsy

I don't think I would embellish it either. It looks really fun.

It looks just too awesone as a newspaper spread to require embellishments!

Thank you all for your in put. I am going to go with the suggestion of removing the embellishments and just allowing the page to "speak" for itself.