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AI Generated Art

Hey everyone!

This has probably been discussed here but I can’t find it. But I have brain fog and short tern memory loss so I could trip over it 14 times and still not see it.

What are your thoughts on AI-generated art? It looks pretty but there are some issues. First, unless one is very diligent AI art can be very …uh, interesting. I have seen 3-eyed babies (the third eye was kind of over the ear—totally freaked me out) and angels with multiple fingers, missing fingers, deformed flowers. Also have seen things that don’t make sense, like a sweet little camping tent, decorated with beautiful flowers…and a roaring fire blazing in the tent. The author (i have a difficult time calling them designers) had multiple rave reviews about her work. But this is just carelessness from people in a rush to make sales.

A big issue that I see is that the US Copyright Office says that AI art cannot be copyrighted. I am thinking this might mean that any AI made available, even if labeled PU only, can be used by anyone else as if it were CU. Also, there is another issue where someone creates their own art and then runs it through an AI program to modify it, kind of like using AI like a filter or Photoshop action. Seems like there would be an onus on the author to prove he created the original art.

What I find very amusing is that most people don’t want to admit they are using AI. To me it looks like people only admit about 10% of their “art” is AI and the remaining 90% is their own work when it is obvious by style and color which is AI and what is human generated.

So, I have been curious about your thoughts regarding AI. Just point me in the right direction if this is a repeat…ty

Hi Cully,

AI may be helpful and relieving in some areas, but I am more reluctant to use it in art and graphics. My sister-in-law, who trained in a creative profession and is younger, rejects AI. I only use it as a photo replacement or sometimes as a background, which is offered here in the Commons, but I won't use these programs myself. At some point everything looks the same. And in my opinion, this doesn't express your own creativity. Technical perfection appears clinical and cold.

The primary objection to AI design is often its by-now-obvious appearance - glossy, perfect surfaces but surreal structures (for example, jewelry is amazing, bodies are often horrific) and its 'everything looks the same' as Doska says above.

A more insidious reason to reject AI 'art' should be taken seriously by creatives: nothing about it is original. In fact, the AIs have without exception been trained immorally, when not down right illegally, by 'scraping' existing human art. And not just the public domain masterpieces of the past centuries, but contemporary artists who make their living on their own unique, creative, approaches to art. When anyone can ask Midjourney to 'create' a 'painting' in the style of James Christiansen, or Yayoi Kusama, then print it and sell it, what recourse do those artists have? As a graphic artist, I utilize AI design only for my own personal inspiration or reference, such as to get a particular pose or lighting - but never to save myself time and energy in a finished piece. Every pixel of my art is hand-painted.

Can we, knowing the machines' programmers have stolen human creativity, allow them to benefit from that thefted labour?

Hello! I don't use AI to make "art". As a graphic designer, this type of "artwork" it is absolutely out of the law (they have not copyright!) and they attemp to the rights of the real artists who make the former or master image. In my opinion, AI images are not art, and they should be not allowed anywhere. And unfortunately we can see lots of this kind of images in this website, above all in the Commons!!

I'm experimenting with AI at the moment; I tried a couple of sites, and the one that I've been playing around with is called "NightCafe Studio". I'm having fun with it, but that's really all it is, just playing. While I'm enjoying it, I couldn't see myself offering it for anyone else's use (even for free -- which all my stuff is.)

This is an image made in NightCafe, I did not create it, I merely typed in some words, but I think its ok to make something like this IF it is for your own personal use, say a party invitation, or something like that. I certainly wouldn't distribute it for other people to use!

Stunning image, Robyn. smiley

Thanks everyone for your thoughts on this topic. We are working on a policy for AI use and attribution.

I have never tried AI but thought about trying it in my designs. .don't really know how to or if it is allowed?