Am I allowed to scrap about a politically sensitive issue that divided the nation?

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Am I allowed to scrap about a politically sensitive issue that divided the nation?

I am chronicling my life through scrapping and in 1981, New Zealand erupted into violence over the Springboks rugby tour.

The Springboks were the national rugby team from the then very apartheid South Africa and NZ was very divided. Nelson Mandela was still in prison at this time. Some people protested violently not wanting the "racists" to enter NZ and others just wanted to watch a good game of rugby. At the time the Springboks had only ONE person of colour on the team and he was the "token" person. Everyone else was white!!!!

Now I totally understand that South Africa is not longer in that mindset, but this is part of NZ history and I would like to document ONE page for it. But it is a controversial subject which is why I am asking...

Am I allowed?

Thank you.

Robynne Lozier

This is my opinion and only my opinion.. You are allowed to scrap anything but if it is for public display, I would not want to open old wounds.

It is part of history, we cannot deny or change what has already happened. (If we do not learn from our history we are bound to repeat it). On a personal note, I grew up in Alabama during a time of racial tension. I can scrap things from my childhood without highlighting events that would possibly make others feel uncomfortable.

However, if you are documenting historical events and not family events, my opinion might be different.

This is only my opinion. But I say you can scrap anything you like.

Robynne: You should be free to scrap about anything you want. But, if the matter is making you feel unconfortable about posting in public ( Sometimes I scrap about stories that involve other people and I don't want them to be made public, but still want to use my scrapbook to process the whole event. Sometimes I am scrapping a story that is not mine and I am not sure I can share in public...) For whatever reason, if you don't feel confortable sharing in public, just blur the text for the public scrapbook page ( save the original page for you with a different name) and we will all understand you have reasons not to share the story. I guess we all did that at some point...

Thank you ladies for your opinions and ideas.

Ok the page is now up in the Gallery!!!

I would say that you are allowed to scrap what ever you want. It's your life and how you chose to share it with others is up to you. I occasionally would use Facebook posts or memes to add to my album. It shows what technology today looks like.