Amazing Deal on PSP plus Corel Painter plus more

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Amazing Deal on PSP plus Corel Painter plus more

Just wanted to let you know that the Humble Bundle (a deal site) is having an amazing deal on Corel products right now. You can basically choose what you want to pay and give some of these software a try.

Oh, WOW! What a fantastic deal that is. Thanks so much for sharing the link, Marisa. Not sure I need it, but I WANT IT! smiley

That is a great deal! Thanks for the tip!

And yes, that is totally legit too! (trust me, I have checked with Corel directly since it sounds "too good to be true")

Thank you. What a great offer, just when I needed one.

Thanks! Really did sound a little too good but glad it's legit. May need to get it smiley

Thanks so much for sharing this Marisa! I think we’ll get it too.

Thanks so much smiley, incredible deal.

Great deal just on Paintshop Pro alone! It's cheaper than my annual discounted upgrade.

Well you all seem happy with the deal and it sounds amazing. BUT i dont know the software so a bit more digging and reading for me before i commit. I still want the one from last week yet with all the brushes . I trust your judgement but dont want to have something i dont know how to use. I love these deals tho......My daughters birthday is Halloween and many years i made costumes and decorations. She is 35 now and has lost her magic, cant be bothered she says..............i have never lost the magic so am collecting bits and pieces for my grandaughter instead. Good crafters NEVER give up smiley

I've been using Paintshop Pro for 22 years, since before Corel bought it from Jasc. I didn't start out digital scrapbooking; I was using it for other types of graphics. I just started using Photoshop last year and consider myself still a total newbie to it. Personally, I find PSP much more user-friendly, but that's probably due to using it for so long. lol What I do like about PS is that, as a designer, there are some things I can't do/figure out in PSP. Corel has a 30-day free trial of Paintshop Pro 2023 right now. It's worth testing it out.

Amanda, what kind of digging do you need? What question would you have?
I have been a power user for over 15 years, been a beta tester for Corel for over 10 years, I am a PaintShop Professional (featured on their site), and been teaching digital scrapbooking for over 10 years. That is why I have checked this deal before (it is not the first time it is offered) and I can confirm it is a legit deal.

I'd be happy to answer your questions.

If I buy this bundle, do I still need to purchase another program in order to use it? Now or in the future?

Terry, this will purchase all the programs included, as well as some add ons you can use with the programs included. So no need for extra purchases.

Terry, Corel Paintshop Pro isn't a monthly subscription like Photoshop: it's a one-time payment. However, they do have a yearly upgrade that's discounted to previous buyers, which is usually around $60. It's your choice whether or not to upgrade, as it isn't an automatic payment. You could wait 2, 3, 5 years to upgrade and still get it at a discounted price. If I didn't already have PSP 2022, I would buy this bundle myself. lol

Wow, that is a fantastic deal! Thanks for the heads up!

I took the plunge, now I have to figure out how to use it smiley

Carole, I bought this bundle and have extracted the brushes that came with it but they don't show up in the program. Not sure what I am doing wrong, never used this program before. Not sure where they went. Do you have a youtube on this?

Terry, what format were the brushes? if they have a .pspbrush format plus a matching BrushTip_ file (you need two files to make one brush usable), then you just have to save them in the Brushes folder.

By default, it would be somewhere similar to this:

C:\Users\Utilisateur\Documents\Corel PaintShop Pro\2022\Brushes

Are they in a different format?

Just saw this and was so excited. But the one I wanted the most was only available for Windows. Great deal, though. Thanks for the shout out!

Most of the brushes that came in the bundle are showing up in Painter 2022 but not in PSP

Oh yeah, the bonus brushes are for Painter, which is also in that bundle.
However, do you know that PSP can import Photoshop brushes too?

Cully, if you use Parallels, you can run Windows programs on a Mac too.

This deal is back up if you missed it last time!