Any InDesign Users?

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Any InDesign Users?

Are you using or have you ever used Adobe InDesign or any other DTP app for your memory keeping?

I haven't, but I did get Affinity Publisher which is the Affinity version of it - and I have made a Blurb Trade book in it for 2020 and plan on doing another one for my 2021 in it too smiley

@Kirsty Davies: smiley I got a copy of Affinity Publisher about a month ago because it seemed to be smaller than InDesign. It's really neat.

I have played around with InDesign. I was toying with the idea of making a pdf "magazine" of our months or year in review....altho I haven't sat down and really gotten to know the program yet. I have always loved the magazine concept...even was I was young I was creating my own "magazines". I wonder if it would be easier to create my planners in InDesign....I really need to poke around a little more in it. smiley

Not for memory keeping. I created 50+ page "programs" for my non-profit's annual event using Adobe InDesign. I only learned it enough to be able to create the program each year. I think that if you like a magazine layout design, it might be easier and faster to use InDesign. But I prefer changing the pages around a lot, so it would seem a bit clunky to me.

smiley Thank you!
@Jessica Dunn: Making mags was one of my faves, too. smiley
@Linda De Los Reyes: That sounds great! I think so too: It is way faster for mag style pages.