Are all of you element designers draw-ers?

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Are all of you element designers draw-ers?

If I'm posting this in the wrong place, someone please tell me; I'm not sure if designing-related questions should go here.

Those of you who make a lot of kits with elements other than you all draw them from scratch? Or do you have other tips & hacks? I can do some limited things by repurposing public domain content or starting from templates, but if I have to make something from scratch, I'm at a loss, because I can't draw. (Really. I can't even really doodle. smiley )

I'm just curious what approaches are represented here.

I cant draw either. I use graphics from here, found some commercial use shapes and recently bought a premier membership to

I will do some things from public domain images, otherwise I have been slowly working on my drawing skills. Personally I find creating an image in Illustrator much less daunting than trying to draw it with a pencil. A lot of images can actually be made from simple shapes, even people! If you want to work on your "drawing" I'd definitely recommend trying a vector based program like Illustrator and then see what you can do with simple lines and shapes. Tracing photographs is another great hack.

I totally agree! I have done a (very) little bit of drawing with Illustrator because I took a class, so I had assignments to complete. Actually, now that I think about it, I should probably upload the designs I made for our "patterns" lesson.

I second drawing with Illustrator. I love the ability to edit individual lines/portions of an illustration and the flexibility of vectors as far as resizing/editing and using for other projects! I'm definitely not great at it, but so far have enjoyed doodling.