BEST Printer Suggestions

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BEST Printer Suggestions

I’m hoping someone out there can offer some insight on the best printer for digital scraping without breaking the bank.
I’d very much appreciate your suggestions as I’m struggling with my selection!

Are you planning to print your finished pages? What size do you scrap in? Sadly I can't really help with this. I have a printer that I use for hybrid scrapbooking (I print the papers and elements, and then make the layouts with other physical supplies). And it's not a great printer, so I wouldn't really recommend it smiley

I have an HP Envy Photo printer and I love it. It's not a wide format printer, so if you want to print anything that's 12x12 it won't work for that, but it does print borderless perfectly. I have used it to print on vellum and to print elements to cut out with my silhouette. I subscribe to the HP instant ink and have liked that service as well. If you find you're going through ink quickly, you can call them and they'll send you extra so you don't have to wait the shipping time for the refills to arrive if you're working on a project for a deadline or something and need to get your prints done quickly.

The only thing I haven't tried yet is printing a photo on photo paper, but everything I've printed on cardstock or vellum has printed with amazing quality.

Hope this helps!

@Kate Earley: Thank you, Kate! I am looking into it. smiley