Bible Journaling and Other Uses for Graphics

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Bible Journaling and Other Uses for Graphics

I'm always curious what people are up to with our graphics. As a digital scrapbooking site we have a particular niche, but that doesn't keep people from doing all sorts of things with our graphics. I've noticed lately more bible journalers saying hello, so I thought it might be nice to start a thread to see how many of you are here. I'd love to know how you're using our graphics. Also, if you're doing some other kind of journaling or something else, let me know that too!

I'm a Bible journaler. I rarely do any scrapbooking.

I do calendar pages, but not a lot of "real" scrapbooking despite my mom's best efforts to get me into it (she used to own a scrapbooking store with her sister and still has a lot of the leftover stock stashed in her house). The calendar pages feature basic scrapbooking techniques, but I do like having a variety of kits to select from to make each page "just so."

I actually signed up for the site last year so I could pick up a few single elements I needed for a page.

I do Bible journaling thanks to Robin Sampson & her Facebook group Bible Journal Love. Bible journaling is all I do & I love the journaling kits that Robin has. I also love for the products & of course, the freebies.

I do Bible journaling also. I use elements to make my own bible journaling printables. I print them onto Avery full page clear sticker sheets and put them in my bible like stickers. I also found this page through Robin Sampson's Bible Journal Love / Digital Facebook group. I was by profession a digital designer using Illustrator and Photoshop but found in my bible studies printing something out physically worked better for me.

I do hybrid Bible journaling. I have an interleave Bible that has one blank page and one page with scripture.. I design a digital page for the blank page and then use colored pencils, washis, watercolors...etc to highlight the scripture and decorate the Bible page. Therefore I use both png and jpeg files to create. I love it!! I think I have found everything faith based on this site and would love to see more!! Thanks for suggesting this site Robin Sampson!!

I do scrapbooking both digital and paper. I've been doing Bible journaling for about 3 years now. I make cards sometimes and other crafts. I would love to see more faith based scrap kits.

I'm a digital Bible journaler. I love the variety of graphics I find here on this site!

I bible journal with the graphics I find on this site:)

I've never Bible journaled, but I think I would like it. I study the Bible inductively... journaling might be a fun supplement.
I use the graphics for lots of other things. I like to make custom birthday invitations for my kids and friends' kids. I made a bacon and eggs tic tac toe game recently. I printed a bacon element and an egg element, cut them out, and laminated them.

I love Bible journaling, and also love Scrapbooking! I am trying to learn the digital way, but my favorite is good old fashion scrapbooking way!

I'm just starting out Bible Journaling and found out about through Robin Sampson! I'm so happy I did. Right now I'm looking for graphics that I can using with digital bible journaling as taught by Robin. Either psd or png files mainly. I would like to see more christian word art and christian images available, but I also like embellishment type images like Robin uses. I'm currently taking a Photoshop Elements class so I can learn more about modifying images (like color changes, size changes, etc.)

Another Bible Journaler here... I've been almost 100% digital in my journaling for a couple of years, and love the variety of graphics available here. Would love to have time to try other forms of digital scrapbooking - but so far, I've not found the "extra time" downloads smiley

Hi Marisa!
I'm new to Bible Journaling, I've been doing it only a few months, but I've used all the free elements out there already created. I started having trouble finding things to use and I'm a single mom of 4 kiddos...I can't afford to buy any kind of products or subscriptions. Pixelscrapper has saved my life and allows me to create my own layouts with the elements from everyone here! Robin Sampson said something about it here and I popped over and couldn't believe how awesome it was! Thank you all for the beautiful sharing of your creations!

smiley Robin, you are the reason many of us found this site! You're so awesome and creative! Than you for introducing us to PixelScrapper bc it's been a life saver for journaling and scrapbooking alike!! We love you and support you all the way!

I do bible journaling. I love creating pages around scripture. I think it helps with memorizing scripture ๐Ÿ’—. Iโ€™m currently creating memorydex cards to fit in my roladex. Adorable and fun!

Awww happy to help Heather. I have loved for years. Bless you Dear.

Kate, I became an Inductive teacher over 20 years ago. Love all Kay Arthur's teachings. I plan on doing a video on how to do Inductive with Logos or Photoshop Elements eventually. Glad you are here!

Thanks everyone for saying hello! So glad there are so many of you here. Please post some spreads to the gallery if you get a chance. I'd love to see what you're making.

I also do digital bible journaling. When I started there were not any digital journaling groups that I could find so I adapted digital kits to suit my needs.

I have several scripture graphics scheduled to go live the commons that can be used for journaling. (See this challenge: Between The Lines: Scripture Journaling Kit Challenge)

Great thread, welcome everyone. smiley So great to have you.

I noticed some of you saying that they do not scrapbook. Welcome to! Not everybody here makes scrapbook layouts. When we bible journal we are making a layout, not a scrapbook layout yet a layout. And making a layout is all it takes to participate in the Scripture Challenge. Your layout can be a scrapbook layout, a card, a piece of wall art, a journal page, an altered art page, any layout. It does not have to be a digital layout either. In October 2019 for example, we had the most wonderful contributions and not all of them are scrapbook pages.

Please join us this November 2019 for a Scripture Challenge on Thankfuless. See you there. smiley

Gina: your page is so very beautiful, many thanks! Just perfect, the word art is a real gem.

I did come here as a scrapbooker, but seeing all of the Bible journaling that's been popping up here lately is making me curious to give it a try!

Digital Bible journaler here. I'm not drawing savvy so making things in my Bible...nah, not happening. And I do lots of other digital scrapbooking, too. I'm the photographer and memory keeper for my family. smiley

I like to journal on my travels but only recently started this yea,r whilst in the USA visiting my son and family. I collected loads of leaflets and brochures. and sat with my granddaughter and we cut out pictures printed off photos and put them into note book I was able to make a note of our days sightseeing. although I have my photos and memories but enjoyed writing about my days too.

My Granddaughter is also hooked however she is only 6 so it is her mum and dad that help her with her writing but she loves the gluing and sticking part smiley

It is exciting to see so many people joining this thread! Thank you for posting this Marisa.. for several years I thought I was the only digital bible journal'er around. It's good to "meet" others.

I'm really curious to see your finished spreads. If you have some posted in the gallery, let me know below!

Here's a quick link to see some of the bible journaling pages

Thanks Gina! I was wondering if people used a digital bible or did more free-styling. It looks like both.

I do Bible journaling mostly. I am here thanks to Robin Sampson Facebook group. The digital graphic files make it so easy on mobile devices. I can do digital journaling almost anywhere now. Which is a must for me being a busy mom of 8.

I am repeating myself but smiley we have a monthly scripture challenge here. Please join us! smiley I am looking forward to your pages!

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