Bible Journaling and Other Uses for Graphics

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Not a Bible journaler, really, but I do like to use scripture a lot in my junk journaling. That's one of the main reasons I joined but I'm getting hooked on digital scrapbooking now, too. I am using a lot of the graphics for junk journaling and card-making, though.

So many crafts, so little time!

I have been looking at the bible journaling stuff and wow like to learn how to do it. I use mostly the papers for cards and when I can find appropriate elements I use them. I would also like to see more faith based papers and elements s I make a lot of cards that I like to put scripture on. I also love Robin Sampson's stuff. I do scrapbook but cards are my main focus

I just started Bible Journaling. I create the pages and then I print them and put them in my physical journal using the happy planner system. The journal has my schedule, one page in the morning and one page for the evening. I share this with several people. This is January's layout

I have a Journaling Bible and I love doing things in it, but it never occurred to me to look into Digital Bible Journaling. This is interesting and I can't wait to try out some things! I started Bible Journaling 7 years ago.

I use my illustrated Journaling BIble, but lately I haven't been I use to put all the images on a 8.5 x 11 document in pse and print them out. Now I put it in my scrapbook by copying the verses or chapters I want and then scrap around it. A digital bible that you can scrapwould be so cool!

There are some versions of the bible available digitally. I know the Eastern Orthodox bible exists both as a pdf and app (although in reality it’s not a full bible in English, just a New Testament at the moment) and there are several others from what I remember that are free for personal use. World internet bible, perhaps?

There are several bible apps and I think I’ve seen some pdf versions with big margins for bible journallers. It’s been a while since I looked, because after finding the EOB I stopped looking.

Basically if you want to publish a bible or otherwise make money, you have to pay but for most other uses you can just use the text/translations freely.

@Kelly Wardlow:

A digital bible that you can scrapwould be so cool!

So neat, Kelly!

Do you mean like the scripture in a layered file with some graphics, more coloring page style?
Could you link to an example of what you have in mind? smiley

For those of you who do Bible journaling 100% digitally, what do you do with your layouts when you're done with them? Do you print them? Have photo books printed? File them in folders on your computer? ...

A digital Bible Journaling would be so cool

Up to now I didn't know any scraps with scriptures, but Christian kits for baptism and confirmation / communion. Thanks for the picture Gina Jones, that gives me a similar idea, thank you very much!