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Brag books

Several years ago, "brag books" were popular. They were smaller versions of scrapbook pages (1800x1200).

Are they still in use anywhere? I haven't seen any in a long time. Unless they have a different name?

I still use them... I call them Mini Albums. Sometimes, the pages are as simple as a photo on a mat with the pertinent info written/typed out about said photo.... other times they are fancier sort of mini sb pages. Typically, I use them for just one specific event or person. I buy them cheap though, so probably not archival quality but I still get them at places like Michaels, Dollar Tree, Wally World, Tues Morning, Etc. smiley

Interesting. I remember making a few "quick pages" for brag book format, about 10 years ago, but I don't remember seeing digital files like that. Are they called Mini-albums? Maybe I should go check out in the resources available.

In 2016 I started to make a brag book for my daughter's "first year" album in a 4x6 format since I had an album book with that size format. But life kind of happened and so it didn't get finished. I was having fun with them though.

Occasionally, I make journal cards with photo spots since they would fit in an album that way. Marisa has some great pocket templates like this one and you can search more here, that would be great for "brag books" or whatever they are called now lol.

But in answer to your original question I also do not see many around myself.

I actually came across some old 4x6 brag books I made and was thinking about freshening them up and releasing them. Brag Books are high on our designer request list, so someone is making them smiley If anyone is using and making brag books, please let me know your thoughts!

Are they still called "Brag book"?
I wonder if I was to search in the resources, how I could find them.

I think they could be great as an entry point for someone who is just starting too.