Calling For Spanish Speakers

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Calling For Spanish Speakers

I'm working on a Mexican-themed collection for the Commons, and want to include some words and phrases. I'm not a Spanish speaker myself, and although I have been doing some research on the internet, I would like to check that the words and phrases I'm thinking of using are correct.

Firstly, though, is the Spanish spoken in Mexico any different to the Spanish that is spoken in Spain? If there is a difference, I would prefer using Mexican Spanish, since that it the theme I'm going for.

These are the words & phrases that I may include, so if you could check them and correct any errors, I would be very grateful:

Fiesta = party

¿Neta? – For real?

Sí = yes

Por favor = please

Gracias = thank you

De nada = you’re welcome

Buenos días = good morning

Adiós = goodbye

Hola = hello

Mañana = tomorrow

Domingo = Sunday

Lunes = Monday

Martes = Tuesday

Miércoles = Wednesday

Jueves = Thursday

Viernes = Friday

Sávado = Saturday

Uno = 1

Dos = 2

Tres = 3

Cuatro = 4

Cinco = 5

Seis = 6

Siete = 7

Ocho = 8

Nueve = 9

Diez = 10

I haven't been able to find a definitive word for yesterday and today, so if someone could tell me these ones, it would be a great help:

Yesterday = ?

Today = ?

Also, if you have any ideas about other common words and phrases, and cultural festivals I could include, please let me know!

Thank you in advance!

I can't help you with the Spanish, but how about the celebration known as Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos or Día de los Muertos)? See here for some of the particulars. Sugar skulls, marigolds and mock epitaphs for the living--what fun!

yesterday = ayer (there is also anoche, but the examples I found all had to do with death-so I would not use that)

today = hoy

now= ahora (often ahorita in Mexico)

Saturday = sábado (b not v )

I think Marisa can help you, she lived in Mexico for a while and she adds spanish words to her recent kits.

I think I have some Spanish Word strips on my blog. And, maybe you want to capitalize all letters in order to be able to get ridd of the accents.

Thank you, Annette. I did look up cultural festivals, and this page looks pretty good:

So, I will possibly use some of them, too.

Thank you, Patricia. Your spelling correction is exactly why I made this post.

Thank you, Bina. I didn't know that if all words are capitalised, then you don't need the accents. Useful information.

Except the tilde that is ñ

Patricia's corrections look good! I'm not sure if they capitalize days of the week, but if you just go with all caps then that's not an issue either.

You can check out my Spanish labels for other good phrases smiley

I meant all caps, so sorry.

This is the font I'm going to use for the words and phrases strips:

(Allspice from Font Bundles)

The upper and lower cases are mixed in the font, so it shouldn't matter whether words are supposed to be capitalised or not.

Most of the words will have two files, one in English and and one in Spanish.

Thank you all for your helpful replies.

smiley Awsome font choice, Robyn! All your designs are fantastic.

Aww, Bina, thank you so much!