Can I get few helpers with a QC problem?

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Can I get few helpers with a QC problem?

This graphic:

has gotten 2 QC reports that it is a blank graphic. This is the exact error message "complete blanc/white image". Could I get a few subscribers to download it and let me know? I've downloaded it myself twice, but it is fine on my end, and in my design manager, I can see the graphic and it all looks fine as well. I'm confused and want to make sure it's correct.

Thank you!

I just downloaded the file. I most definitely had an image.

It might help to note it is a transparent/faint image and needs to be opened on a dark background in a separate program. When I downloaded the file the preview completion image on my Chromebook showed a completely white preview, BUT when I opened it I saw a very faint image, so totally knew what type of file it was meant to be.

Worked for me! They maybe didn't know it worked since it's white and looks blank in the preview on the computer. Also, people often have download errors, which just needs a redownload.

There's also the issue of monitor settings--if their monitor is set too bright, a pale image like this will show up as completely white when they open it in a graphics program or even image preview.

Adjusting their monitor might help the person reporting this QC problem to have better results when they print their layouts; too-bright monitor settings will lead to much darker prints than they expected. Without buying an expensive color calibration tool, the cheapest and most effective option is to follow through the steps at It's kind of fiddly, but if they can get through the first half-dozen steps, it will improve their experience in everything they do on that monitor.

Feel free to steal a chunk of my phrasing if you reply to the QC report with that info; coming at a tricky subject like that from a point of how it can help them is usually the best way to avoid making them angry, in my experience.

Works like a charm for me, sweet item. Many thanks.

@Holly Wolf: Absolutely on the settings.

And @Rachel Martin : you might want to get rid off the black backgound showing by just dragging it into another new file and saving it.

I do that with all (of my own designs smiley ) flies that do not have simplified layer effects and thus show the black background coz for me that black backgorund is irritating to look at in the browser preview.