Can Someone Tell Me How...

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Can Someone Tell Me How...

I want to make my own version of the following paper by Janet Scott.

I have downloaded the template in a PSD file, but I cannot figure out how to make each individual hexagon be a different paper, etc.
Please help.

Hi, Jo. I downloaded the file, intending to give you step-by-step instructions (if you were a newbie), but as the hexagons are all on the same layer, I have to admit that I'm as baffled as you are! I'll be very interested to see if anyone answers your question!

smiley You could do it different ways, but I agree that it is much easier with layers. I think there are a bunch of hexagon templates available. You could just duplicate the single hexagons by selecting in the 'continguous' mode (option when selecting) and then just keep duplicating them shapes. Just writing about it, it sounds like a lot of work but that is just what Janet did here for us coming up with that incredible paper: a lot of work..... smiley

Thanks, ladies, for the input. When I downloaded the template, I too thought that it would be a layered PSD file so once I discovered it wasn't, I had no idea what to do! I did think about doing hexagon shapes, but was hoping there might be a quicker way lol.

smiley I meant duplicating them from the layer in Janets's PSD file, as they (the light gray hexas) are seperated by white if I recall correctly..

I'll have to give that a try, Bina, and see what I can work out. Thanks for the idea smiley

As I am using PSP, I could explain how I would do it and you could likely replicate it with your own program:
1- I would select the in-between white section with the Magic Wand, set to contiguous (to not select the white in the colored sections)
2- I would copy and paste it as a new image
3- in the new image, I would select (with the Magic Wand) one empty space
4- I would expand the selection by a few pixels to make sure there would not be any gap
5- I would add a new layer and flood fill it with a solid color
6- I would then repeat the process for each section adding a new layer every time.

At the end, you would have your own template to reuse over and over again. Hope it helps.


What software do you use?

Personally, if I were you, I'd contact Janet Scott asking if she could provide a version with each hex on it's own layer.

However, I use PSCS5 and would do it this way:

  1. Open the template file and also open each of the papers you wish to use.
  2. On the template file, turn off viability for all but "Layer 1" (the hex shapes layer).
  3. Using the magic wand, select the specific hex shape to which you wish to add a paper. Make sure the hex layer is the active (selected) layer before the next step.
  4. Switch to one of the open paper documents and perform the 'Duplicate Layer...' function with the destination being the template file.
  5. Switch back to the template file, your duplicated paper will now, correctly, be the active layer; select 'Add Layer Mask' tool and your paper will be clipped to the area you selected previously.
  6. Repeat steps 3 - 5 for each paper you wish to use.

I hope this helps.

Thank you both, Carole and Rose. I use PhotoShop Elements 2018 right now. I do have an older version of PhotoShop but I don't really know how to use it lol.

After reading this post, I was inspired to try my hand at making a somewhat similar paper. But its far from perfect as I made it in still needs a bit of tweaking. But what do you all think?


Wow, how you do that in PP. smiley Beautiful!

Chitra, that paper is beautiful! I love it!

Thank you, Jo! I'm so happy you like it!

Easy, Bina...cut the papers in hex shape & join them! smiley

I find the easiest way is to select a hexagon with the magic wand tool and do CTRL-J.
Do this for every hexagon.
Save as a layered PSD or Tiff file.
This way you create your own layered psd file, that you can use more than once.
Now you can use every hexagon as a clipping mask.
edit: To make it easy to find the hexagon I want I filled every one with a different colour. The whole process took me 20 minutes...
edit2: of course you can use auto select... much faster to find the hexagon you want... only thought about that after I coloured every hexagon smiley
edit3: looking closer at the preview I think that to get the same effect as Janet you'll have to add some styles to the hexagons... bevel and emboss?

Thanks so much, Patricia. That sounds like an easy and quick way to get it accomplished.

I know your post wasn't meant for me, but I want to thank you for it. The detailed description has helped me crack a nut I have been failing to for a few days. (Total newbie at digital designing, just a newbie at digital scrapping.)

you're welcome Penny. Glad it helped you!

surely if it was a template it would be layered?? otherwise it isnt a template to go to so much trouble.

That would be a very easy template to make though. Way to busy for my taste though...unless it was pastel type papers used..