Challenge Me: Layout Templates

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Challenge Me: Layout Templates

I'm always posting challenges here in the forums and I thought it might be fun to turn the tables and ask you to challenge me! Please leave prompts and suggestions below to help inspire me when it's time to make layout templates.

Now that is a tough one, looking at your templates. smiley

Make templates with only circle shapes.
Make templates with masks.
Make templates with cut-out in the background.

I am always looking for double-page templates, either one 12x24 spread or two 12x12s that work together side by side.

I love the double page idea, since I do a lot of two-page spreads!

What about a template that you can use as an album cover? Either for Project Life style pages, a baby book, a vacation etc? could be themed or generic that you could use it any number of ways - even as a regular page?

Some how I missed a lot of these prompts. Will be back when it's time to make my layout templates!

Marisa: Today I ran into this. I sometimes see these geometrically shaped layouts, sometimes incorporating 3D elements I lifted a few. Some are easier to lift than others, tho... Other than those I do not have any such templates, they'd be fun to check out.

I actually prefer to do my own layouts, but as AMarie suggested, I have a soft spot for cutout templates like this one

from Jimbo Jambo / Digital Press