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color palette generator

I found this automatic color generator, thought I would share the link, someone may find it useful. You can upload your photo and even select an area you want used to generate the color.
palette generator


Thank you for sharing the link! Saved on my favorites

You're very welcome Benita & Sabrina!

I have so many pics saved that have had colors in that I thought were great if I ever get the gumption to try to start some designing and I'm often discouraged because the colors I pick never quite seem to go to together. This little gadget is awesome and is taking away my excuses smiley.

Very cool - thanks for sharing this! smiley

This looks really helpful. I can't wait to get some time to play with it! Thanks for sharing smiley

Here are even more tools you can use to select palettes from photos:

Thanks Carole, I'll give those a look too.

Adobe Color CC is a great one! Find it here.

Thanks so much for your help! I always wondered where designers were creating their color palettes! smiley

Very cool!

Good to know! Thank you all for sharing.

Can't wait to give this a try.

Thanks for the tip!

thanks for sharing

I found this site that has a ton of color palettes, has a search option too. Found this palette from doing a search for camo

Someone posted this here at Pixelscrapper and I'm not sure who or where, I just know I couldn't find it when I went back to search for it. I'm adding it here Bec this is the first thread that comes up when I did a google search -

Arlene, this is wonderful! I have been trying to find a palette generator that will pick out more than 5 colors at a time, and this one goes up to 10.

My favorite color generator is canva. Thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful sites!

There are a lot of platforms that can do the same. Usually, all the photo editing platforms have these functions. For example, I have been using the Create Vista platform for quite some time since it allows me to do multiple activities; you can visit the site and see yourself. It's lovely that you found a platform that you love. Moreover, I appreciate that you decided to share the link with us. However, I like to optimize the time and use a platform that allows me to do multiple functions without opening many websites on my computer while working.

Thank you all,

for all helpful links.

Thanks for sharing the link! This is great. smiley