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Hi there,
I have a question about the commons,
how do I upload graphics to the commons ?

I would like to contribute ,

thanks ,


Hello Trudette,

The way I was added to the Commons was that I contacted Marisa and Jordan, showed them my store and then they approved me. Right now the Commons is only open to a few people because it is in Beta mode.

That is very kind of you in wanting to participate. It's fun!

I hope this answer helps.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.


thank you , Abbie .

Abbie's correct. Right now it's in beta and only a few are allowed for the "testing" phase. I think they're still working out kinks and trying to get it to flow smoothly on the back-end.

This is from the original post about it: "Right now the program is in closed beta with a limited number of community members, but we hope to open it up more widely in the near future: so stay tuned if you are interested in sharing your own designs on Pixel Scrapper." You can read the full post here:

Thank you so much , amanda.

Thanks Trudette for posting this question because I was wondering the same thing but wanted to make sure it had been asked first before I asked, lol!

I am looking forward to gaining the ability to share in the commons as well. I've made some fun elements and papers I'd love to offer to anyone wants to use them.

I can't to share - YAY!!!! smiley

We're hoping to open the Commons up to some more users within the next few weeks.

If you would like to contribute your designs, please join our waiting list by filling out this form.


I make mostly tagger size suff but I am getting into making Photoshop brushes mostly have made grunge so far but I would love to join the Commons just to be able to learn the How To from others that is more advance .. how the newsletter sound to me it was place to share what you make and the knowledge to I need lots of help

The Commons is primarily for sharing your graphics; the forums here are a better way to share your knowledge.

Thanks Holly for the info I am sure I will be asking questions

I have a question about the commons... if I make a layout I think others may like to use (maybe newbies like me who like to use a quick type layout, can I upload the PSD file in the commons? I made a baby's first Christmas page and although I am not a designer per ce, I'd still like to share and give back smiley

smiley Hi Dianne and welcome to Pixel Scrapper. So great of you to be willing to share your quick page. Please check out the Pixel Scrapper Freebies Forum. Lots of sharing going on there. smiley

Awesome! Thank you Bina! I will go check it out now smiley