Community Project in December?

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Community Project in December?

Wondering if anyone is interested in a December project of some sort. Sometimes I do a kind of December Daily project. Not sure what/if I'll be doing this year. I'd also consider some sort of look back at 2021 or look forward to 2022 project. Personally, I might like to spend some time setting some things up for 2022. Let me know what you're interested in.

I think that anything that takes our mind off of COVID is a good thing. Yes, for a December project. Sure appreciate what you do, Marisa.

I love all of those ideas. I think my problem is often picking and deciding. Setting up for 2022 is very much on my list though.

I'm interested

I would love to do a December daily!!

So glad you're thinking about this. I really liked the December daily project last year. I might just do that... but I'm open to ideas!

I don't know what a daily project entails, but I'll give it a go.

Hello, me too i'm interested and I will follow. smiley

I agree with looking to 2022. A December Daily sounds nice but it's such a busy time of year usually.

Looking back would be nice. A catch/wrap up/2021 overview project might be fun.

Made a poll here.

I don't know whats entailed but I would like to participate. but don't think I could do daily.