Corel Paintshop Pro 2023 Upgrade Deal

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Corel Paintshop Pro 2023 Upgrade Deal

Just letting those who use Paintshop Pro know that I upgraded today to 2023 Ultimate for only $34.99 and it included a ton of stuff besides PSP:

1. Painter Essentials 8
2. Brush Bundle (for PE8)
3. Photo Mirage Express
4. Highlight Reel
5. MultiCam Capture
6. Font Bundle
7. Creative Collection

A couple of them are for video capturing, such as via webcam, and editing.

The deal is available for about 1 more week. Cheapest price I've seen so far, so I snagged it before the cost went up.

And remember to choose the UPGRADE price.

Don't worry, it will NOT overwrite your existing version, so you can always keep both (also, 2023 no longer has a 32-bits version, so most old plugins can't be used directly in 2023, which is a good reason to keep an older one on your computer).