Cover - Can you help me please?

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Cover - Can you help me please?

Good morning all !
First of all, I hope you are all well and that I am in the right place to post this topic smiley '. Otherwise, I'm really sorry!

If I am writing to you despite my great shyness, it is because I am desperate. It must have been a year and a half since I started creating my first kits and I did very little because I am stuck on the design of my product covers and it totally blocks me in my creation process.

I thought I had the time, as so often I would find the right people and finally feel proud of my job, but I can't do it at all. I try again and again, textures, typographies, colors, effects, layouts, I don't stop and I feel like I don't have any perspective on what I'm doing. It's starting to make me quite unhappy because with the Covid I had to close my business and now I would really like to get into digital kits to live off my passion. Then I also feel bad. I'm a Graphic Designer and I can't even do my own profile cover.

I made a few product covers, but I don't like them at all.

I figured the best place to ask for advice was PixelScrapper because it's a very talented and caring community.

Here are my current product covers:

I can't showcase the products. The covers are too messy, I push the details too much and it's confusing. I think I always want to do too much.

I also tried making a product cover from the Pixelscrapper model. I love it when it's shiny, but then again, I can't. Here is my most recent coverage test.

I think I also added a difficulty with my website that I am currently creating. It is mainly white, black, purple with touches of gold like on my logo.

Sorry for this long text and I hope I don't bother with it.

Anyway if you have any advice for me I would be more than happy.

Thanks to you for reading me

Previews can be tricky! Personally I try not to think about them too much and rather than trying to squeeze everything in or give an idea of everything in the kit, I try to focus on the feeling of the kit. Usually there's somewhere people can look for more details, so I just want to give a general feel for what the kit is.

I like all the previews you posted. I like the one on the top, with the labels in a circle around the title. It's quite eye catching!

Thank you for this answer Marisa smiley

I think you put your finger on an important thing that had escaped me: the feeling. I'm too bothered to want to show it all. After reading your answer yesterday I finished a kit very quickly focusing more on the feel. It's the first time that I haven't got my head on a cover! Click ! smiley

Yay! I love it. smiley

I am not a designer, but there wasn't one I didn't like...

I liked all of those! The Halloween one is very cool!

I liked them all, too, especially the Halloween one. And the newest one you did is great!

Thank you, you are loves! it helps me to have a little more confidence in myself.


I like the previews. They're easy on the eyes, clutter free and displayed neatly. I'd know exactly what I was getting and could focus on the design, without spending 20 mins searching through the file (distracted).

Love these chevron chalkpapers.