Creating a digital scrapbook.

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Creating a digital scrapbook.

Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me, please? I have some pages that I will scan into an album of my kids in their yearly classes going through school. ( I also have digital pages) My question is what is the best place /app/way to create an album to keep them in. I don't need to print them but would like to share them eventually just in case my kids don't want to carry the big 12 x12 albums with them in the future. Do you have any ideas please? I can use Photoshop/Lightroom but not sure where to start with the album. Almost all sites I look on are for creating albums/photobooks to print but I need to download to my Mac and keep. Thankyou!

I would also like what I think you are describing. Currently, I just keep my finished digital albums in a flickr album. Any photo hosting site will let you make an album and usually it's easy to share. If you want it to actually look and feel like a book, that is something I haven't found yet.

What about using something like LibreOffice or a desktop publishing program to create a file with square pages and one layout per page, then saving a PDF version? That should make for super-simple sharing and keep your pages in the intended order; you could easily include front and back covers as well.

That's a really good idea Holly. I actually print all my layouts out, put them in page protectors and then in a large binder by year. My layouts are all 8.5x11 though so they sit nicely on my shelves.