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Creative Assistance

I have severaL pages that I have been working on and I just cant figure out what is missing. So if you amazing people could help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much

Anything is open for change, except the pictures of course. smiley

smiley It is a bit of a tough one @Meg Blass because we do not know what sort of look you would like to have for your pages. smiley

A general thing is to avoid skewing the photos.

Find a page you like and scraplift it is an easy entry, or even easier use one of the wonderful quick pages avails here or use a template with one kit for color harmony.

That said, looking at your pages, I would start grouping everything apart from the bg and size down to 65% and have another look then and maybe try some paper strips. I really like your matting and I think you are on the right track.

Hi Meg

My recommendation would be:

1. shadow for 3-dimensional effect
2. corner decoration of photos ( flowers, clipart parrot, buttons, matching the theme and color of the kit).
3. duplicate original photos, reduce to size of shape so they don't distort when pasted.
4. sharpen photos.

I was going to say two things:
- several photos are distorted, possibly to fit a specific size of frame or look. Whatever program you use, make sure you resize proportionally, and if that does not fit where you want, you would need to crop the excess instead of fitting it in the wrong dimension.
- and shadowing. This will add so much realism to your projects.

I am holding a live class on shadowing tomorrow; although it is for PaintShop Pro, the same principles will apply.
If you want to join, register here:

Let's us know if you make some changes and need more advice!