"Curled" photos?

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"Curled" photos?

Can someone please explain how to achieve the slight curls on the photos seen in many of AMarie Charp's layouts? (Example here: https://www.digitalscrapbook.com/amarie-charp/gallery/le-rozel-layout-vacation-summer-beach-seaside-scenery-family-yellow-green-blue)

It really makes the photos pop and look three-dimensional. I've been using just a basic drop shadow this whole time with InDesign, but I have access to Photoshop too, which I suspect would be required. Any tips? smiley

It's a simple effect smiley
Use drop shadow style, and then make a layer from styles - you will get separate layer only with shadow. After that use transform tool, option that make distortion (I don't know exactly how it's name in english, because I have Photoshop in my language), and slightly pull out the corners of shadow.

These are also in the store here:

3D frames 01

3D frames 02

3D frames 03

I am not sure what program you use, but as Rae was mentioning after getting your shadow into its own layer use something like Edit->Transform->Warp to move the edges out to create that effect. You can see a tutorial here.

Thanks, everyone! Appreciate the assistance. smiley

I don't know about Photoshop, but in PSP, i would simply make a shadow on a separate layer and slightly distort the shadow, either with the Pick tool or with a large Warp Brush.

It's the same in Photoshop. Plus, it's better to slightly wrap the corners to make it look real.

This is interesting, Ducky.
What does “wrap the corners” mean, and can you show an example? I have never heard of that, but I can say that just mucking up the shadow with the transform tool doesn’t quite get the job done on its own, IMHO.
I’m going to run and look at the video link now and see if that might answer the question.
Zoe, thanks for asking this!

Suzy, there is a whole class in the Campus called... LIFTED SHADOWS.
You should have access to it already.

Hey, Carole, Nice to see you! Thanks for the tip, I'll run over there now.