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Cute title?

I'm doing a two page spread with a bunch of random cell phone pictures from the last five months - basically just grouping together a bunch of photos that I don't want to do entire spreads for. It will go into my yearly album for 2019. Anyone have any cute titles they use for random stuff? They are just like a picture from the park, a trip to the museum, a parade we went to, etc.

You use of the word random points me to using the title - RAM - usually known as Random access memory for computers.

But in this case it stands for Random Activity Mix - which is a mix of random activities done during that time period.

Thanks for the idea Robynne!

Titles are the worst, but something like "these are the days" or " moments to remember"

Oh I like both those Marisa! I must have been on a similar train of thought - I did "Happy Moments"! smiley

Thanks for starting this thread, Jill, since my scrapbooking catchup binge means I'm constantly throwing together layouts of random photos from a month. I'm getting tired of using "Miscellaney". smiley smiley

I like your ideas too, Marisa!

Something along the lines of what was said by Robynne Lozier,

Random Days
, or; Notable/Memorable Moments from My Random Life.

Great Ideas, Rose smiley Much better than mine!!!!

Phone happy snaps - My random Happenings - Caught by me - Day by Day

I Love them!♥