December Daily 2020 Plans

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December Daily 2020 Plans

Is anyone planning to do some sort of December Daily project? I’m hoping to get something together. If you’re planning something and interested in more real-time chat, let me know and I’ll start a channel for it in Discord. Or else we can share what we’re up to here.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by December Daily project? Just anything you do everyday in December? Or is this something specifically December-craft-related (e.g., holidays, traditions, etc.)? I think it would be nice to challenge myself to do something everyday in December. Would love some ideas on this. smiley

I was planning to. And then suddenly it’s December this week and I’m not ready. 🤦‍♀️ How exactly, in a year that has lasted forever, does Christmas sneak up on me?

Linda: I think the idea is generally that you document every day in December. Try searching on Pinterest for different ideas. I haven’t seen a lot of strictly digital albums for the project. It could be a fun time to try a different size or a pocket format if that’s new to you.

Thanks, Marisa. I'll check around on Pinterest to get some ideas. I did read about Heidi Swapp (designer I used to follow years ago) about her December album. Basically albums solely about the month of December. This sounds like a great idea. I'm going to noodle on it today...

there are a couple of facebook groups dedicated to december daily, although they typically concentrate on Ali Edwards' product line (i think she started the decemer daily movement) or on physical albums. Similarly to Marisa I haven't seen much digital, although there will be some people project life groups who will be doing it, so there may be some inspiration there.

I will certainly try to do something - if only to get back into scrapbooking after a couple of months hiatus. It's my little boy's first time really understanding christmas so I'd like to really try and capture it through his eyes/for him. I doubt I will document EVERY day in December - but I'll try to document everything Christmassy.

Yes, I was searching around and found the same thing - most are physical albums or hybrid. Nothing that's all digital...which kinda makes sense. And yea, the blogs I've found about it focus on a specific designer's products.

Before this December project idea came about, I was actually thinking about documenting our Christmases in Norway - which is every other year - because I have a ton of photos from those visits. We don't usually travel out there, though, until the 2nd half of December. But I also have photos from the first half of December in getting prepped for it or things we do here before we take off. This might be a good time to get that started...while working on this year's December layouts.

I'm thinking that for this year's December project, I could combine it with a Photo-a-day idea a la the old Project 365 photo challenges. This would be a Project 31 for December. Yes, I like it. I think *that's* what I'm going to do. smiley A photo a day for December. Then, I'll create layouts or a collage from that, afterwards. This will get me back into photography for a bit.

Thank you both for helping me to develop my December project idea! smiley. I'm looking forward to this now.

Oh that sounds like a good idea.

My big fear is that if I don’t do something with the photos immediately it will just end up being another set of pictures in the albums or another set of random layouts added to my Christmas album. (I typically did 1-2 festive layouts a year and added them to an album that just has Christmas layouts - mostly cos I got a Christmas album on offer when I first started out)

I did take photos today of the little fella in his festive top and a Christmas hat and of me in my Christmas elf earrings. But... I forgot his advent calendar. 🤦‍♀️

OMGoodness - so did we! Totally forgot the advent calendar today. hahaha We have a family tradition from my husband's family where we have an advent calendar made by my mother-in-law where we put a clue for the kids to read. Then, they go find their daily advent gift somewhere in the house. It's very small. Sometimes it's a couple of pieces of candy or a Christmas cane or something like that. Some days, I'll put in a lip balm or small jar of lotion or candle or something. They're 16yo now, so I feel like I have to age up a little in those advent calendar goodies. hahaha

OK, so I'm aiming for a photo a day and the related layout for that pic(s) for the month of December. We'll see how that goes. hahaha

I thought I would show my 2008 album - It's a mix of printed Digital Pages and hybrid stuff smiley The gingerbread man on the front cover was a digital element I printed on to Shrink plastic smiley

I've got plans to do December Daily this year, I have so far got some In A Creative bubble die cuts printed and cut on my craft cutter, I took the colour palette into Affinity Designer and I printed off some solid colour on to cardstock (found some Epson Matte paper in my cupboard, was surprised and pleased lol) and cut out an Ali Edwards digital stamp on to some glitter vinyl for my front page.
I have a Simple Stories Flip Book in red ready to rock and roll, and I plan on doing a mix of digital pages printed out and hybrid.

I generally keep a Google Doc file with the dates and then as I go I take photos (which back up to Google Photos) and keep a note of memories as I go and put an idea next to the date so I know what I am doing for that day. I managed to finish December Daily 2018 this November because of my 2018 file that I could refer back to, even though I couldn't get it done during that December.

So smart to take notes in a Google doc, Kirsty. I'm sometimes racking my brain trying to figure out what happened. hahaha

The gingerbread man is so cute. I did that a while back for several gift albums I was making - shrink plastic is awesome for creating your own little embellishments.

My issue is that I'm going to have to remember to take a photo a day. Sometimes, the days fly by and before I know it, I'm a few days behind. hahaha

When I have slow days or a day I didn't document anything I generally do "filler" pages - some notes or pages of anything Christmas related I did in November, I either take a picture or save some of the wrapping paper, maybe a "look back on this year", movies or music I've been enjoying (Christmas or otherwise lol) and not all pages need to have a photo on it smiley I always have a list of filler pages just in case I get too busy. More often than not I've not had time to work on any scrapping at all and I have to solely rely on notes, and filler ideas lol.

How are we all doing on our December daily projects? I've uploaded most of my pages to the gallery. It's going great - I found that I'm documenting many of the smaller things happening that I normally wouldn't have scrapped but are still part of our everyday lives. Really liking this idea of scrapbooking each day in December...and taking a photo(s) each day and scrapbooking it.

I basically did very little until the other day when I decided to just do it on my phone and be done. I made a very simple template in over and just replace the photo and text. It will not be exciting but it will be done. Plus I can always add embellishment later if I really want.

Since then I’ve done about 4-5 pages and am now going through to fill in the blanks back to the first.

I made all my christmas cards this year. Done!!!

What did you use on your phone to do that? Is there an app? Would you be able to print it out or do you just keep it digital?

How FUN! It's been years since I did that but loved each one I made. Did a swap a few times with friends. We would each make 5 cards each and send them around our circle.

I used the app “over” to create a file in the size I want, then I can add text & images. It is possible to add elements and papers etc but I realised that for this project that would just be a barrier to getting the stories written. I can always add other elements later in photoshop

It’s a bit of a pain in the phone to get the text to the size I want - you can adjust the font size easily but the width of the box is tricky on such a small screen. It’s not ideal but I can save as a jpg to print later and I find the quality of the printing a little better than the project life app.

The PL app is much easier for journaling through. To be honest for this project which is supposed to be all about the story, I probably should have PL. IF I used a larger size template than I intend to print and it would have been ok.

I had started doing my album on my live stream, but haven't done much to it since so I'm only up to day 10 but I have been keeping my notes and taking pictures each day and adding to my Google Docs file so I know what I have planned to document on each day - thinking I'm also going to do a "round up" of the 26th onwards at the end of my album. I will probably get it finished once son is back to school.