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Designer Ideas

Maybe this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything when I searched.

Where do you designers get your ideas for creating a kit? I know that it's common for kits to be designed based upon holidays, but what about the other kits? I like trying my hand at making kits, and I know that the more I practice the better I will get, but I get so stumped on ideas for the theme of the kit.

I'm very interested to know how all you great designers come up with your ideas.

I don't particularly like designing with a specific theme, mostly because I rarely use the finished product. I much prefer a more general kit, but even then it can be nice to have a little idea in mind. I will sometimes focus on a word, or an image that I like.

I, like Marisa, don't like themes, I prefer more generic or universal use kits; I often don't participate in the blog trains because the themes don't spark any ideas for me; however, if I have to stick to a theme, say for a contest or the like, I often will Google the topic to get ideas that can inspire me.

Sorry, that I cannot be more helpful.

Just have fun, on your journey. smiley

I appreciate both responses, thank you. I just assumed that most used themes, so it's nice to know that may not be the case.

I have been making kits for a small group I belong to and the ladies there sometimes suggest a few things I could do... but I really don't go for anything specific until a kit starts to develop along an idea... I go for colors mainly, so start a few kits off at once up to 12 of them... all with different color groups and go from there... ummm... I am also a tad adhd so need a few things on the go at once to go from one to the other else I get 'stumped' and come to a complete standstill... well... go off and start renovating the house (ummm am doing that now).. or start a new garden (that too is on the go)...... roflolololol but if the mood sends me to make something for the kit everything gets dropped..

oh BTW nothing is finished as of yet...........

This is truly an interesting thread. Thanks for posting and all your answers. Great read.

The photos that I want to showcase are the main inspiration for me, I always use parts of my photos one way or the other for most graphics. My swatches were from the photos and my ellies were for specific photos before I started to participate in the blog trains here at PS. Submitting graphics to the blog trains really started me on themes, I had never thought of making anything 'theme' before really with the exception of when I thought I needed an element - which rarely ever was the case. So if I couldn't find a certain ellie, I made it. I never really needed an owl to illustrate anything, so I never made one. But then it was really great making some themed kits for the PS blog trains. My inspiration had always been connected to my own photography and my personal documenting and when I needed to make a birthday cake graphic for a birthday that I wanted to dcoument I made an ellie that looked like it ( a bit smiley ) once I got that ellie I could make a pattern or two.

Thank you, Amanda and Bina. I appreciate the knowledge of your methods.

Well from this bunch I'm quite an odd duck then lol! I LOVE themes. I use them heavily. Actually I do not tend to think very abstract which is why general kits are much harder for me. I pretty much have to have a theme as a backbone when Im designing or else I feel "lost".

Usually a color palette will whisper what theme it should be to me. That's how all of my Good Life kits comes to life. I look at the palette and whatever theme comes to mind is what I'm inspired to do. Color Inspired I guess.

If really stumped you can always browse shops like Sweet Shoppe for inspiration. They also use mostly themes. And maybe seeing something will spark off other ideas. smiley

Thank you for your input, Jessica. I love your kits!

I try to do either holiday or seasonless themes, though I'm struggling a bit with time to do everything due to health issues. What I mean by seasonless is things like cooking, baking, art, music, travel, doctor/medical, police, western/cowboy, etc.--things that aren't tied to a specific season and can be used year-round, depending on the color palette.

I would think it would be based on where there is a need. Maybe look in forums for kit requests, etc.

I make Bible journal kits so my themes are from the Bible: Joy, Forgiveness, Faith, Love, Grace, etc.

I love themes as well, whether its holidays, nature, etc. I need a jumping off point to start a kit such as a color combination that catches my eye, an image or pattern I fall in love with, or a trend I see when I am out shopping or online. I find inspiration literally everywhere and sometimes its hard to turn it off! Then the trick is translating those inspirations into a coherent design. That can be like a three ring circus at times!

I tend to work better with themes also. It gives me a direction to take so that I can better make the elements coordinate with each other. Of course, "generic" is a perfectly acceptable theme as well, if I just want to put together something that isn't tied to a specific concept.

I sometimes find a flower I like and work around the colours and produce a kit that way....Or a cute/beautiful/different element

I don't mind working with a theme. Sometimes just a color scheme is enough. I tend to go all out with a color scheme and end up with two or three different kits. I just create till I am done then see what I have lol

When I am brain dead for ideas I look for a challenge.
It is so much easier to get started to be told 1. 2. 3.
1. Color pallet and theme
2. Number of papers
3. Number of elements

Half the work is done so I jump on them.