Designing in Silhouette Studio

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Designing in Silhouette Studio

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone design things in silhouette studio?
If yes, do you then put into photoshop etc for export?


I have not done any designing in Silhouette besides my own personal projects.

I was just thinking about how easy silhouette can be sometimes, especially when doing print and cut and a fellow scrap friend suggested making some cards in there.

Hi Jo,
I am going to try to design some filler cards in Silhouette as I do not have photoshop or another design area!

That's a good idea @Emily. I think the silhouette program is really great and easy to use once you have a handle on it.

Thanks Jo,
I have been using silhouette, a little, for about a year. It will take a bit of getting used to but I am sure once I make a few I should be right! I hope!