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Digital Planners

Over the weekend I discovered digital planning and have become somewhat obsessed. Does anyone here use a digital planner, please tell me everything.

I don't use a digital planner - if I had a tablet with a stylus pen (that had palm rejection) then I would definitely do it some more. I've played around with it on my Chromebook as mine can be folded back on itself and go into tablet mode but it's tricky trying to do anything without the palm rejection - though I do love my Adonit stylus as it has a clear tip which means I can be a bit more precise which helps a bit.

I do love looking over the pages on Instagram for Shannan Manton's planner page style scrapbooking pages (or memory planning pages) and how people use them, but I wouldn't be able to keep up with it year long - it could be good for small "week in the life" snapshots every now and then as opposed to Ali's usual Week In The Life projects.

I don't use a digital planner although the image you posted Marisa is really cool. I actually use a paper planner system that is the same idea just a physical product.

I use digital planners and I make my own pages. Here is an example of one I did last summer with denim and sunflowers. I just create the page and then make a PDF from them and they go strait into Good Notes or any notebook software really. It's fun and sooo useful. But you do have to create a template. That is the most important and the most time consuming.

So fun Joy! Thanks for sharing.

I am using the kits to make planner pages that I print off for my paper planner. I have no idea how to make a digital planner, but would love to learn. What notebook software is best for this?

I've been using Goodnotes on the iPad.

Thanks Marisa. I am Android & Windows, perhaps I should treat myself to an ipad as there seems to be a lot of good stuff for ipads smiley

The iPad is the only Apple product I have and I do really love it. It's surprising how many great apps there are just for it. I know it's an expensive item but I have no regretted getting mine one bit. If you like digital crafting I think you'll find lots to do on it.

This looks so fun, Marisa smiley
Last time I had a look at my iPad it wouldn't update any more, it is about 7 years or so old. Time for a new one smiley

I'm interested in the idea of a digital planner, and have been checking out a few. Not ready to make the investment in an iPad just yet. I'm a Windows/Android person myself.

I've also been playing around with One Note, etc., but that's not as exciting lol. I also would print out your planner pages Marisa for my weekly work to-do lists.

I still find it weird how much better the iPad is than other tablets I've tried. I had one previously that ran Windows and I just never got it to work for me. The iPad is really designed for what it does well and there's lots of great apps that are available only on the iPad. If you're thinking about spending the money on a tablet for yourself, I'd go with the iPad.

I have digital planned. It's a love-hate relationship for me! I love how easy it is, and that I don't have to drag my actual planner with me everywhere, but sometimes it just nice to have paper and a pen to scribble something down. I find that my handwriting isn't always that clear, unless I take my time, which you don't always have time for.

I like that I can rearrange my planner to suit my needs and that it's conveniently on my phone as well as my tablet so I don't ever have to worry about not having my planner with me.

The decorating part is pretty easy once you get the hang of it, and it looks like you're using Goodnotes which makes it super simple to create cute spreads. I love what you did above.. you're making me want to dig out my digital planner again

Woot woot! Guess who now has a tablet with stylus? Meeeeee! We got one for my son to help encourage him to write (Sensory Processing Disorder and hates using cutlery and writing utensils!) and I was playing with his when he wasn't using it LOL so hubby purchased me one of my own as a special birthday surprise so now I have a Samsung galaxy tab S6 Lite... Sadly I badly hurt my thumb on my writing hand so writing is super difficult (have only been able to use my right hand since yesterday but I'm holding things between my index and middle finger instead). I have purchased a digital planner for 2021 so that I am able to make my own going forward when I get used to using one and know what I like and need smiley

I am using the Xodo app and it is awesome!

@Kirsty: I'm glad to have some info on a non-apple experience! I never had much luck with my other tablet, but I don't know know how hard I tried either!

@Kate: I find if I zoom in a lot my handwriting is better. If I try to write when it's zoomed out it's a disaster.

I am hoping to try and mess with some "stickers" that I make in Xodo to see how that goes but, absolutely, I look forward to having a play and getting to know it a bit better for the Android side of digital planning smiley

I’m a hard core digital planner! I use an iPad Pro 12.9 with 2nd gen Apple Pencil along with Goodnotes. My passion is using Keynotes to create functional templates, calendars, and overlays.

Would love to see some of your pages Melissa!

I just went with a digital planner this year. I use GoodNotes. I have not done my own customization at this time, but certainly plan to do so.

I have been digitally planning for several years and just love it! I mostly decorate a purchased planner in either Goodnotes or Noteshelf. I also use a digital journal to help me keep track of my quilting needs and process. There is just so much I can do with the digital product.

Love the idea, but don't think I would stick with it.
Also love my ipad and iphone hands down, but I will never own a mac computer.. just to throw that into the mix.
Windows all the way! ha!

@Jo: I am the same. I love my iPad, but I don't think I could switch from Windows.


I started digital planning about a year ago. If you have an iCal calendar that you use digitally, you can use ZoomNotes to sync to iCal! It was a game changer for me because work just adds meetings automatically and I couldn’t keep up writing them in my planner. This way I have my appointments from iCal and reminders from the reminders app, as well as the ability to write in the planner. Plus, I can tell Siri to add a reminder or appointment and it goes to ZoomNotes through iCal or reminders. I love it 🥰


Sounds cool Donna! I don't actually have any other Apple products besides my iPad, so I use Google products mostly.