Digital Planning thoughts and examples

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Digital Planning thoughts and examples

I wrote a post here about getting into digital planning and Kate wanted to see some samples of what I've been doing, so I'm going to post them here.

I purchased the planner here.

I'm still kind of working out what works for me. I have recently made the distinction between actually using the planner for planning, vs as a memory planner, so that's something I'm considering as I go. Surprisingly I have found I actually enjoy using the planner as a planner (!) to keep track of my head. But I think I may want to incorporate more memory style planning. Basically I'm taking this year to try out a bunch of stuff and hopefully maybe by the end of the year I'll know what I want and can set something up for 2023.

One thing I really love about a purchased planner vs one I've stitched together is the links. I love that all the dates everywhere in the planner are linked, so it's really easy to navigate around.

If you click one these images it should take you to a larger version.

Are you a digital planner? Please tell me everything.

It looks very interesting smiley

Oh, this looks so cute and lovely! smiley I envy you a bit for the iPad smiley , mine is so ancient it won't update any more.... this looks absolutely great.

Oooh, thanks for that post! I love digital planning mainly for decorating the pages and being able to make changes easily but it took me time to work out how to use a digital planner on my ipad as it was quite different and I'm not so great with gadgets. I really love adding digital planner stickers and being able to copy and move them around.

I bought a rainbow digital planner and really like using it to plan my days but I still use both that and my happy planner as going through pages with my fingers just feels different.

Very interesting! smiley