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Digital Scrapbook Albums

I love making diogital scrapbook pages. However, I never seem to see anything online about making multi-page albums. I've seen numerous hard-copy albums, but here is my question... can anyone tell me of some ways to make a multi-page photo album (digital of course) that has some kind of "theme" that ties all of the pages together?? All of the albums I've seen have no theme whatsoever so those albums never feel like the pages are "connected" to each other.

So I'm looking for ideas of either backgrounds or embellishments, etc. that would create some kind of theme or connectivity to the pages.

Thanks for any ideas that you can offer!!

My travel albums often follow a theme as do my wedding albums.

Some of these easiest ways to create a theme, is to use the same background paper and or the same font for all the pages.

This is what I am currently doing for my Leonardo Da Vinci series (The Life and times of Leonardo Da Vinci) and it is looking surprisingly consistent all the way through.

I felt the same way about the paper theme when I made an album for my mom.
If you have very many pages most sets don't have enough variety in them to have continuity.
But I may be missing the idea of it all too since I'm very new to it all.

I have some albums on my blog
And this totally reminds me to ul some more. I am constantly making lil albums. smiley

Like here

Or here
Or here
or here
or here