Do you like Dynamic Brushes?

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Do you like Dynamic Brushes?

I know dynamic brushes with pressure sensitivity is trending but to be honest I like using them with my mouse and don't see much difference. Maybe I am missing something? Or I'm just too lazy to set up my Wacom.

I assume by "dynamic brushes" that you mean the ones that use the various settings to get an interesting stroke rather than just acting like a stamp?

I use them all the time. I'm an artist first, so I use them a lot in digital drawing and painting. I usually use them with my tablet, though some (decorative borders, digital stitches, etc.) I've used the manual settings so that my mouse can do the job just fine. It depends on whether or not I want natural pressure controls (such as line weights on drawings and opacity on painting), or if I want to let Photoshop automate the variations for me. You can get some interesting effects if you combine them, though, and "fake" a lot with the manual controls so that the mouse does the job just fine. For instance, using "angle jitter" to randomize the angle within a range, rather than setting it to "pressure" or "stylus angle" to use it with a tablet.

I actually used a custom brush in my September blog train contribution to make a fleur-de-lis frame and border.

I like dynamic brushes, but like you, I don't notice a change in the flow with the mouse. It seems to be a standard flow, unlike if you used a pen mouse which throws the flow wider or narrower with pressure.

Maybe we are missing a set up. Ill let you know if I find out. Can't find my stylus right now-- pesky thing keeps running away.

I like and use dynamic brushes both with the mouse and a tablet. When using with the mouse, I too tinker with the brush settings to get the effect I am looking for. My pen pressure is only available with a pressure sensitive tablet. I have Photoshop CS3 and I am not sure if this is different with higher versions of Photoshop. I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of a tablet because I am clumsy when it comes to trying to coordinate the pen with the tablet while looking at the screen... I am waiting for an affordable tablet that I can just draw on right on the screen!

I'm clumsy with the pen too. Thats a good word to describe it. smiley

I found my problem with the pressure I was installing brushes instead of tools. No that I use as tools the pressure is there but I still prefer the mouse. If I had to do it again I would save the $$ and skip the tablet. However, since I have it I may try making some doodles.