Does anyone have experience with macro photography with an iPhone?

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Does anyone have experience with macro photography with an iPhone?

I am interested in macro photography and instead of buying an expensive camera I though it would be nice to buy a lens for my iPhone/iPad. What type of lens do you use? What is out on the market? What type of pictures do you take?

Any and all information would be helpful.

Thank you!

Hi there!
I do macro photography on my iphone. I don't have any lenses yet, so I don't have so many super macro pictures. I have been looking at a few lenses, so if you try any out and like them, please be sure to comment! I am a total novice, and have a long way to go, but here is my newbie level advice!

You can check out my work at my instagram @clanmcbride.

-The biggest thing is practice and patience.
-All of my photos are live, real world shots. You can get much crisper images using indoor lighting boxes, if that is your goal. I have played around with them, but for my particular style, I prefer outdoors in real time. You will have to discover what inspires you!
-Zoom in tight as close as you can and then crop even closer.
-If you do not have a steady hand, you will need to get a stand or tripod. When I am trying to do dragonflies and butterflies, I almost always have to use one.

Best of luck, and please share your work!

You can buy an external little lens which you clip over your camera on phone and they work exceptionally well. Mine cost about 14.00 on ebay

I don't use a lens, but I do some on my iphone. I love the "portrait" feature, but it can get a little weird looking at times. Just need to take time and play with it.

I tried one of the cheapie little lenses sets off eBay and the glass is of such poor quality it ruined the photos to the point that it was actually better not using the lenses. However, possible vintage toy camera value in the future so they’re tucked away in storage for the future.

Having said that, the latest top of the range iPhone doesn’t require an additional lens because the tech is now better than dSLRs were when I first started digiscrapping 14 years ago! Wow times have changed!