DSD - Digital Scrapbooking Day 2022

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DSD - Digital Scrapbooking Day 2022

I keep reading that DSD is coming up.

What day is DSD and will DS be celebrating or doing anything for this day in any way?

Was it the 30th of September? @Robynne Lozier, I think I saw that date somewhere. Did you get anything new? Spill! smiley

I did Purchase a couple of Bundles from OScraps - from my favourite home town girl - Lynne Grieveson.

She like me is a Kiwi from New Zealand smiley

Thanks Bina.

She is one amazing designer, I also have some sets of hers! Good on ya. smiley

Digital Scrapbooking Day usually falls on the first Saturday of October - this year it was October 1st. Of course it usually begins gearing up the week before. There were some tempting and fantastic sales. But we are paying off our house so we have been on a pretty strict budget at the moment. But watch out next DSD as we *should* have our house paid off by then and I am probably going to be like a spring just let go haha!

In my experience DS doesn't usually do much for DSD or iNSD. But annually there are the lilypad hops and the digitalscrapbooking studio hops around those events. smiley

I agree Lynne does have some amazing things! I have a few kits of hers I want to add to my stash one day.

Thanks Jess.

Must remember this for next year!! smiley