Favorite Color Palette Tools

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Favorite Color Palette Tools

Good morning everyone!

I am in the process of designing my first digital scrapbooking paper and am wondering what is your favorite tool for creating cohesive color palettes?

I'm creating a collection of nursery papers and I'm looking for a tool that will give me hex codes.

I appreciate your help.


I found this one: https://www.hexcolortool.com

There was one years ago that I used for creating forum skins, but can't remember what it was....so gonna look for that one. I used it all the time.

Give me a few...

Wow....didn't realize there were so many sites for this! lol Well didn't find that site, but I'm sure it has changed a ton since I last used it lol.

try color.adobe.com

I find a palette or even a picture with a color scheme that I love then I use my color picker tool in my PSE and pick colors from the photo, it automatically gived me an accuarate color in my software program.


Thank you Rachel, Rachel, and Susan!

I don't yet own Photoshop, so I am doing all my creating in Ipiccy.com.

I did find this to be very helpful in creating a color palette from a photo:


I simply saved a photo from a Target.com that had a color palette that I liked and uploaded it to the tool.

And I searched for "nursery color palette ideas" and spent several days on Pinterest:)


Sherwin Williams Color Snap and Paletton.

Color Snap lets you get color palettes from photos (up to 10 colors, I think), while Paletton lets you make your own from colors that complement and contrast well.

Thanks Amanda. Love Sherwin Williams, easy peasy.

Love the Sherwin Williams idea! Thank ladies.

Thank you Amanda. I had a bookmark for this site but can't find it. smiley

Robin, great palette. I saved it ... smiley

Oooh, the Sherwin Williams Color Snap looks very fun. It looks like you can install a browser button to turn any picture into a color palette. I like the adobe color site too. Thanks for the info, this will come in very handy!

Pinterest..... I have a folder just for color charts.