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Does anyone else collect fonts? What are your favorite fonts to use in your scrapbooking either for journaling or designing.

Here is a list of some of my favorites. Would love to know what your GO TO fonts ae!

I'm a big fan of fonts! I typically use Traveling Typewriter or Architects daughter for journaling.

I also have quite the collection of the pea fonts.

I usually gravitate toward cursive fonts. I have thousands installed, so I don't have any in particular that I use repeatedly. I'm not one for journaling on my layouts, however I am trying to branch out of my comfort zone and do more than just using the name of whoever is pictured.

I like fonts that resemble handwritten print - My Big Heart has been a solid favourite for a few years and is what most of my journal entries are printed in. That, and messy grungy typewriter fonts.

Hi Karry,

I don't (yet) have many of your pretty fonts, but a collection of 3700 fonts in 25 years is enough. But I love fonts and I'm always looking for new ones. The fonts at the bottom of the picture are of the new date. I clean up my collection from time to time.
I get most of them from, but every now and then I buy one.