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Oh pick me!! I have a free software rec!!

You can find it here: Main Type

I had been looking for a font manager that was easy to use but also had some organizing capabilities similar to what I use in ACDSee. I had tried Nexus Font and Font Base and neither were quite what I needed.
I have been using the free version of Main Type for about 6 weeks now and I love that you can tag your fonts, the same I do in ACDSee with scrap supplies. You can add folders that the software scans and you can install/load/unstill fonts with a single click. Another neat thing is that you can create different layouts for what you are using the software for. So far, I have two different layouts, one is for when I am scrapping, the other for when I am tagging fonts. You can tag each font with as many tags as you like which makes it easy to find the style of fonts you are looking for.
For ex, I have Marcelle tagged Brish Script and Grungy. Smash is Grungy and Typewriter.
I know I sound like a commercial but I am really happy with this.