For what country would you like to see a specific kit made for?

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That sounds wonderful. I would like to see Japan, Taiwan, The Caribbean Islands, and Mexico. Thank you

More countries added!

@Cyntihia: I have a fairly comprehensive Mexico bundle, so I probably won't do that one again until I've gone through some new to the site countries.

The Mexico bundle is one of my all time faves, actually. If had to delete all kits for some odd reason and could only keep say like 30, the Mexico bundle would be one of the keepers, for sure.

Canada, please.

Element suggestions: Niagara Falls, each of the provinces and territories (outline) - maybe with capital cities marked, CN Tower, skylines of well known cities, national and provincial flags/coat of arms, the Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, Confederation Bridge to PEI, old town Quebec City, Plains of Abraham, the 1867/1967 maple leaf, the stylized 150 years maple leaf, the Royal Mint, our currency that looks like monopoly money (LOL), jug of maple syrup with the maple leaf on it, lobsters/cages from East coast, salmon, an Inukshuk (must be stones!), Salmon fishing boat from West coast, Fort Louisbourg in Nova Scotia, something that says 'Postal Code', Cape Breton Island with the Cabot trail marked, a string of PEI blue mussels, West Edmonton Mall, national parks signs/list, train/locomotive with 'Canadian Pacific' (or just CP), a spike for the Last Spike of the trans-Canada railroad, fireworks for the 1st of July (Canada Day), the pre-1964/65 flag and the Maple Leaf flag of now.

Paper suggestions: A title page map of Canada with provinces and territories outlined that could be marked for where in Canada you have been or where you live/with the CP railroad tracks or trans-Canada highway marked. A faded background of each province and/or the Parliament buildings in Ottawa or other scenic shots. A page with a large maple leaf faded out.

Secondly, I would love anything about Israel also.
TY for asking.

Before realizing there was a list I was going to say Morocco.


Godd Idea for Australia and Ireland. smiley smiley

Added Morocco to the list!

Australia for me too.

and New Zealand

quelle bonne idée

Scotland, Canada, and Greece and Mexico


the Nederlands

France, Canada or Ireland smiley